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  1. Hey man thanks for replying but that team was taken not long after i posted it was available. I guess established Keeper Leagues are harder to come by than redraft leagues are. But here's what I can do. I still have 3 owners that have not notified my saying they would be back for next season and im not saying this is likely but there could be an owner that does not pay their entry fee by our deadline next year. So what i can do is put you on our wait list and if any spots do become available I will let you know.

    Also we have 7 redraft leagues also if you may be interested just le me know. And of course we use League Safe as our payment processor. Let me know.

  2. I have 1 opening for next year in our keeper league. The entry fee is $35 payouts are as follows 1st-$300/2nd-$155/3rd-$35. League is PPR on NFL.COM Email me if interested in seeing the available team. We have only had 2 openings in 3 years in this league.Next year will be the 4th year and teams will have to drop the keepers they have had for 2 years,so plenty of good players will be dumped back into the player pool.We keep 3 players...If you email me about this please put fantasy football in the subject line.