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  1. Semper Fi

    I will be medically retired from the Corp on the 29th of this month from injuries I got in Iraq

  2. WDIS

  3. YEAH THEY DO!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S----EAGLES!!!!!
  4. Early Championship WDIS

    Brown and Gore
  5. Need opinions

    Coles and Curry
  6. WDIS

    Roster is current below and lineup..... The toss up I have is the Defense.....Dallas vs Detroit or Saints vs Carolina I have Dallas or I could grab New Orleans Other than that I am going with: Garcia Harrisson Holmes Jackson Westbrook R.Johnson T.Henry as the WR/RB Carney Dallas What do you think??? Thank you for the input.....
  7. EAGLES are in and Da Boys are on the BUBBLE!!!!
  8. Romo or Garcia Witten or LJ Smith

    I luv it when a Cowboy Fan has to pick an Eagle at home....BECAUSE U GOT YOUR ASSES KICKED TONIGHT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA E A G L E S !!!!
  9. Westy or BarberIII

    hope u picked Westy
  10. Rank the RBs

    Hindsight answers don't count Jackass I would have kept it the it was and maybe switched 5 with 4
  11. WTG Irish !!!!....I am making it into the finals this year too......after finishing in 5th place too!!! Thought my season was over when I lost McNabb....But Garcia picked up the pack and ran with it!!!!! Go EAGLES....COWBOYS SUCK!!!!! So does Grits !!!!
  12. QB - WDIS

    Big Ben @ Carolina Garcia @ Da Giants also help with Flex position......T.Henry vs Jax OR S. Holmes @ Carolina
  13. WTEDIS

    I just grabbed V.Davis and plan on playing him over K2 goin against the RavensD