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  1. Priest Holmes

    It's confirmed--they're saying right now on 610 Sports that Priest has been cleared to play.
  2. Priest Holmes

    Er, maybe not. There was a report ("breaking story" they called it) Tuesday night on 610 Sports, one of KC's sports talk radio stations, that Priest Holmes is undergoing medical evaluations, and that if he passes one final test on Wednesday the 25th, he will be officially cleared to begin practicing with the Chiefs. Rhonda Moss, the local reporter who broke this story, claims that the Chiefs are planning to use Holmes as a "3rd down back" this season--assuming of course he passes the final medical exam and is cleared to practice. Obviously, this could be huge news, especially with the reports about LJ holding out. Holmes' presence at the Chiefs camp would at the least hurt LJ's leverage, one would think. Whether Priest can be anything close to the RB he was two years ago remains to be seen, but who knows? Of course if he fails the test, all of this will be quickly forgotten. I'll keep following this and will try to report back if/when anything new is reported in the local media.
  3. YouTube Videos

    Here's a mind blower.... The Scheme of Things
  4. YouTube Videos

    This one is amazing.... Quick change artists
  5. YouTube Videos

    This one is so funny it hurts.... (watch it a few times) Burger King does the Safety Dance
  6. Just finished an auction

    Here is your roster: QB - Brady, Cutler RB - Alexander, Benson, Dunn, Hunt WR - S. Smith, Clayton, Edwards, B. Jones TE - Winslow PK - not listed Solid starting lineup for a 12 team league! IMO you're a little thin is WR, but most weeks it will be Smith + mix and match, which ain't a bad combo. A solid backup for Winslow would have been nice, but given TE's are a dime a dozen after the top 8-9, you're probably in the same boat with everyone else at that position. I might be a little nervous about injuries, but other than that, I'd be feeling very good with this roster.
  7. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Snake drafts are fun; auctions are much more fun. That's my experience and the vibe I get from most FF players who have done both. The only exception is on-line drafts, where IMO snake drafts are better (the jazz you get from a live auction is lost). I've heard of plenty of leagues switching from snake to auction format, but I've never heard of one that went the other way. That ought to tell you something.
  8. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Right behind Elvis Grbac.
  9. Vick Indicted

    Sounds like the NFL is trying to spin this because they're worried about losing one of their big stars. They better get off that train quick before public anger turns against them.
  10. Vick Indicted

    Vick has played in his last NFL game. Even if he somehow avoids prison, there are just too many people who will never forgive him for this. Any NFL owner who would seriously consider Vick as the starting QB for his franchise would have to be nuts, not to mention a terrible businessman. I hope for the sake of Falcons fans that Vick has some sort of morals clause in his contract that would allow the team to terminate his services without financial penalty.
  11. Vick Indicted

    When Jamal Lewis was in hot water for dealing drugs, I learned that something like 95% of people who are indicted by the federal government are convicted. The federal government does not hand down indictments unless they have a very strong case, and based on what we have already learned about this case, the evidence against Vick is very strong, and the odds he will escape conviction very slim. His best chance to avoid jail time is to plea bargain. Regardless, I believe Vick's NFL career is over. Considering the revelations about dogs being raped and electrocuted and the like, for Atlanta (or any other NFL team) to consider Vick as their starting QB is nearly impossible to imagine. Unless Vick is totally exonerated of all charges (very unlikely), he is going to be harrassed, picketed and booed, even at his home stadium, for the rest of his career. Given all this, not to mention Vick's liabilities as a passer, what NFL owner in his right mind is going to make a multi-million dollar investment in Vick as the leader of his team? To do so at this point would be public relations suicide. Inciting millions of people to HATE your team is not a good way to make money! Having Vick around as the face of your organization would be a continual public relations nightmare, and I cannot imagine any sane businessman would want Michael Vick's name associated with his team, much less as the LEADER of the team.
  12. Adrian Peterson

    Two words: Charles Rogers
  13. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    Ted Ginn Jr (I'm skeptical, even though he has the potential to eventually develop into a Santana Moss-type player) Robert Meachem (just have a bad feeling about this guy) Brady Quinn (decent player, but overrated) Chris Henry (not sure what Fisher sees in him)
  14. favorite football announcer

    I agree that Phil Simms calls a great game. He's probably the best one out there right now IMO. Back in the day (late '60's), Curt Gowdy ruled. Keith Jackson is certainly one of the all-time greats as well. I did not care that much for Cosell, but he sure knew how to make the game interesting. Mitch Holthus is the best NFL radio announcer I've ever heard. (Chief fans will understand.)
  15. Yup, there are abundant helps available to you. Between the discussion forums and online helps, you should be able to resolve any issues you're having. And if not, just submit a ticket, and they'll fix things pronto.