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  1. The things we deal with...

    It's because of issues like the ones discussed in this thread that our league changed to a no-trade league. It sure has eliminated a lot of problems and made the league a lot better. Just our way of dealing with the constant bickering and someone always thinking someone else is getting over or colusion or whatever. Most of this is so subjective. You can make numbers say whatever you want. We decided against letting all trades go through so that two owners can't put together one good team towards the end of the season. I do sort of miss the trade option, but not when I think of all the hassle we used to have.
  2. OAKLAND ?

    As much as I looked for an alternate plan, ditto here.
  3. Waiver Wire steals

    Colston, after week 2.
  4. Randy Moss to Jags?

  5. Steal of YOUR Draft

    Micheal Vick at 11.4 Currently tied for 4th best QB in my league.
  6. Huddle Schedule Released

    Can't we open just one present early...
  7. How Far is T.O. Falling?

    10 team redraft, I took him with the 4.5 pick. 7th receiver off the board. Took Randy Moss with the 2.4. Could be fun or...
  8. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    Miami Dolphins.
  9. Anyone buy the Draft Mags anymore?

    I view them more as comedy these days.
  10. Rackers Update

    Just in time for the playoffs
  11. Are your playoffs set?

    Local 10 team redraft league. Two divisions of 5 teams each. 6 teams go to the playoffs which start in week 14. 3 teams are guaranteed to be in the playoffs. 1 division winner guaranteed.
  12. Anyone Know hot to Draft Differently?

    Local 10 team redraft. You can keep one player from your previous years team, which would be your first round pick. All owners who keep are in the bottom half of the 2nd round. All other picks are determined by drawing cards (out of a covered bowl with a slot just big enough to get your hand in). We start with round 20 and work our way back to round 1. Last years finish determines who pulls a card first. If in round 20 you took card 10, you would be the first one to pull a card to see what your pick is in round 19, and so on. Some guys can get the shaft and some can get pretty lucky and the results are not like you might think. We have done it this way for 15 years and I can't get anyone to change! Personally, I would like to try auction.
  13. most shocking things from draft

    10 team redraft: Joey Galloway wasn't even drafted. I picked him off the waiver wire. Neil Rackers wasn't drafted is not a shock. But I'm glad I picked him up in week 3!
  14. When will the COLTS lose?

    My question is this. If they go undefeated until Arizona, will they rest or will they go for perfection?