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  1. which def to pick up

    No question, Carolina.
  2. Griese or Frerotte

    I'd go with Gus this week due to the match-ups. Buffalo's DT is tough and the Jets look like they've been grounded.
  3. WDIS

    Warner is much more motivated. I also think that Indy's defense has gotten much better. Plus, the Rams have to go to the desert!
  4. Pick a QB

    Lefty. No more tie.
  5. Make this trade?

    I think it's a little too early too be worrying about a trade yet. JMHO, but week 1 is always ALWAYS whacky. I'd sit tight for at least a couple of more weeks.
  6. Favre or Warner?

    Warner - A lot more motivation and weapons Kennison - In what will hopefully be the shootout that most think it will be.
  7. Ricky Williams

    I have him stashed away in my 10 team redraft league. We draft six and start three RB's. I picked him as my #5. I think this could be a good payoff later in the year.
  8. The Injury Bug strikes again!

    Here's hoping the wind is at your back for the rest of the season and may the injury bug that's biting you get stomped! How's that for support?!
  9. This game is gonna be a SHOOTOUT.

    I think that's going to take a lot of hoping. Warner wants this game!
  10. A good laugh!

    The 3 monkeys part was pretty good...
  11. RB: Who Starts Week 2?

    No way do you bench KJ. A full-time starter vs. a part-timer?
  12. WDIS Brooks or Warner

    I'd go with Warner. It's in Arizona, against his old team, who didn't look good on D against the lowly '9ers. He also has Fitzgerald to throw to.
  13. Flex player advice?

    Definitely drop!
  14. Good line-up. Don't worry about Moss over Williams until the Kitties start roaring again.
  15. WDIS: WR - Need one more.

    I believe that Mason is going to be a very nice choice this week with the change at QB.
  16. WDIS C.Martin or D.McAllister?

    No way would I get away from the Deuce. I believe the Saints are on a mission and Deuce is going to get loose!
  17. WDIS?

    Personally, as lame as the Texans have looked on offense during the preseason and week 1, I would start Freddy over DD this week.
  18. You be the judge

    Chambers and Curtis. As much as I like Williams, the motor city kitties are going to have to show life on offense before I trust them again.
  19. What a Mess I have Gotten Into...

    Fitzgerald seems to be THE target for the Cards and Porter is reportedly good to go. I woulnd't miss any opportunity for a player (not including defenses) in the Raiders/Chefs game!
  20. WDIS?

    Mason and McGahee. In Arizona they have the Fitgerald Ratio. For Buffalo McGahee is the man until he proves otherwise.
  21. Meadowlands

  22. LIONS @ Bears

    No. I'm leaving Harrington and Hanson on the bench.