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  1. Shut up M Irvin

    I wouldn't bet on that. It's a nice sentiment (every single player..holding out next year), but we're talking the HUGH business of the NFL. And if Irving is right, you can count on it not happening. He's the one saying don't mess with another man's business.
  2. Should I make this trade?

    IMO, Don't do it.
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Philadelphia Eagles.
  4. BillFighter

  5. King Of The Mountain


    ...because they added by subtraction!
  7. I friggin' HATE

    The King's got game!
  8. 1st Madden quote of the night

    Ain't that the truth!
  9. I'm Enjoying This Game So Far

    Philly finally looked fine...
  10. King Of The Mountain

    Ohio, check your link. It's having issues.
  11. What is the biggest week 1 surprise

    I think that the Rams got caught looking past the week one opponent on the schedule!
  12. I'm gunna win!

    Week one always seems to have it's whacky results. Hope you can pull out another one before week 17 is over.
  13. Which QB to start?

    The gunslinger in a shootout.
  14. I like Roy Williams against the swiss-cheese d in GB.
  15. Cant decide.....

    Parker. He doesn't have much competition for carries in week 1. Barlow? If St. Louis d looks as good as they did against Detroit, I don't think so...
  16. Holy crud Batman

    so, what r ya sayin'?
  17. Holy crud Batman

    If we did that you would have points subtracted for spelling....