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  1. McMichael Or Wiggins?

    Be sure to keep on eye on the news. There is a possibility that McMichael gets a suspension.
  2. Green Bay's defense is swiss cheese. San Diego has a very good run D. Enjoy!
  3. I have been offered this..

    No Way! McGahee is over-rated in my book.
  4. Just Drafted

    You aught to have a very good season. Very strong. Enjoy!!!
  5. Another RMT!

    Good looking team. Sit tight and enjoy!
  6. PLEASE rate my draft

    I think someone needs a do-over!
  7. RB Dilema

    I'd go with Green and Parker. Green is at Detroit who still has to prove they have any decent DT. Parker should get most of the load for week 1 anyway.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it until the season has played a few weeks. The we'll start seeing some things cleared up and the answer will probably become obvious to you. Right now, just a little too much speculation. J.J. should be fine and give you a nice option.

    C+, maybe a B- Good luck!
  10. King Of The Mountain

    "New Orleans" Saints!
  11. Please rate my team ....

    Consider yourself rated. Now go to sleep
  12. McAllister or McGahee

    Very clever response, Bill. You probably put a great deal of thought into your response. An "adult league"? For the record, it is a local league that we have had for 15 years. Secondly, everybody does not draft off the same list that apparently everyone you run around with does. Maybe the explanation is last year's injury. Maybe the Hurricane situation. I heard many comments/concerns regarding playing road games all year. We did have one rookie owner join us this year who went with Carnell Williams in the second round after McGahee. There actually can even be some more reasons, go ahead and put a little more creative thought into it. For those interested in how, here it is: Franchise player Tomlinson Franchise player Alexander Franchise player Manning Franchise player Holmes 1.5 Jones-Dal 1.6 Culpepper 1.7 McGahee 1.8 Dillon 1.9 Jackson-Stl (a result of the pre-season?) 1.10 Moss-Oak 2.1 James-Ind 2.2 Portis-Was 2.3 Lewis-Bal 2.4 McNabb-Phi 2.5 Barber-Nyg 2.6 Williams-Tb 2.7 Harrision-Ind 2.8 Davis-Hou 2.9 Johnson-Cin 2.10 Owens-Phi 3.1 Holt-Stl 3.2 Martin-Nyj 3.3 Jones-Det 3.4 McAllister-No We draw cards for EVERY round, not serpentine.
  13. Personally I'd go with Jake. The Saints def hasn't been anything that special and I just don't see enough improvement. Vick could be exciting Monday night, I just would feel better if I could see any kind of an aerial attack first.
  14. McAllister or McGahee

    I like your reasons and used many for drafting him myself, however, it only cost me my 3.4 pick! This makes the 4th year I've had Deuce. Last year was a down year because of the early injury. This year, he's baaaaack!!!!
  15. Which Jones do you like?

    I'd give the early edge to JJ, however I like the motor city kitties schedule better.
  16. Chris Brown or JJ Arrington?

    Until Chris Brown shows he's not healthy, you're gonna want to start him. He can bring it when he's good to go.
  17. Barlow / Droughns / L. Johnson .....

    Barlow. Simply because he's the starter and should see more action than the other two listed.
  18. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Good idea. Might be fun, but then again...
  19. I'm leaning towards this being a rally point. They are going to play with more passion than we've seen in a while IMO.
  20. Well, opening night ruined

    I'm a Cowboys fan, but I will be enjoying watching my first round pick Randy Moss. I don't think that the NE DT will be near as good this year and Moss has things he wants to prove. And Al loves the vertical game. I can't wait!
  21. Fantasy player insurance?

    This kind of smells like flood insurance...