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  1. who is #2 Car WR?

    I don't see how Colbert is not the #2. He is definitely a player and I am so confident I drafted him.
  2. A-TRAIN

    He has looked good, so if you have the room...
  3. I would stand pat with what you drafted. But then again, I'm not a fan of trades after the draft and before the season even started.
  4. L. Jordan 4 A. Gates

    I tend to agree with pounders.
  5. WDIS

    Personally I'd let Smith get past his first or second regular season game. I'd really be interested in going with Burleson at first as I think he will be the benefactor for the Moss-less Vikes.
  6. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Nice Avi yankeelady...
  7. Jerry Rice to retire?

    Retire already. What's left to prove?
  8. Trade offer...already!

    Just drafted, no games played, and a trade? I'd sit tight.
  9. Talk Me Down Please!

    S. Alexander without a doubt.
  10. Anderson or Portis

    PORTIS! Until he proves otherwise.
  11. Bryant seems to be the man right now.
  12. 3rd Starting WR.

    Rogers, at home, against GB's no defense...I like it.
  13. Trade Question

    Get LT, then all the way to the bank.
  14. t henry or w dunn

    Another vote for Dunn, and no it's not because he's my #3.
  15. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Went with Moss with the 1.10 Took Portis with the 2.2 I drafted and I still find it hard to believe myself!
  16. Best draft pick you've gotten

    10 team league, and somehow, McAllister fell to me at 3.4
  17. Julius

    I'm afraid to answer for I am somewhat of a homer... But yes, he'll be a top 5 back when it's all said and done!
  18. A way you can help with Hurricane Relief

    I will be talking to everyone at our draft tomorrow night.
  19. MNF - Rams vs. Lions - No Skybox?

    Garcia's face may be butt ugly, but he's got game. I don't think it's going to be long he's going to get to show it... The hook has got to be coming out of the wings on it's way to get Joey!
  20. Hurricane Katrina

    I hope any Saints homers are reading this a long way away. Get out while you can. This monster is going to be rough...