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  1. Fox FF Special

    Anyone watching this? It just started. Hopefully it's better than what CBS ever does.
  2. Fox FF Special

    I won't anymore, but I sure do wish that I had invited the rest of my league to watch!
  3. kyle orton!

    At least now I can move Muhammad back up into my top 30.
  4. Fox FF Special

    Well at least they are having a question/answer session...
  5. Fox FF Special

    Actually, J.J. said unless youre league gives premium points for long kicks, don't worry about them.
  6. Fox FF Special

    You're in luck, they are just getting ready to talk about draft strategy...
  7. Fox FF Special

    Bradshaw has no faith in T.O.
  8. Fox FF Special

    Bradshaw has Culpepper at 10???
  9. Fox FF Special

    Uh oh, Favre ranked #2 QB...
  10. MNF Top 36 Moments on ABC now

    Just missed that show, but I have tuned into FOX for their FF special.
  11. Fox FF Special

    Note 1. All TD's are 6 points.

    ... it's only pre-season, it's only pre-season, it's only pre-season... I think that I've heard that sage advice around here somewhere
  13. Mike Anderson goes all the way.

    I believe he'll get a bump on my list...
  14. Clarett likely to be cut

    Bet THEE Ohio State doesn't look so bad after all...
  15. draft time

    60 seconds per pick. 20 minute break after round 5. 30 minute break (halftime) after round 10. 10 minute break after round 15. 20 rounds total.
  16. Bettis

    Me thinks he will go down on draft boards now after hobbling off the field.
  17. Javon Walker Dislocated Finger

    That'll teach you to hold out on Brett again...
  18. Diary of a Madman at the Draft

    Now that's committment!!!!
  19. I am as addicted as well. This is my 15th year playing. Draft is a week from Saturday. Man, this next week is going to crawl....
  20. QB's

    If you are asking to pick one on your list, I'd go with Plummer.
  21. Who will you absolutely not draft this year?

    No Chicago QB. No Denver RB. No Keyshawn Johnson. No San Francisco defense.
  22. pre-season makes me nervous

    Kind of like the Bus coming up lame tonight... I hope no such thing as you have stated. May good fortune and injury-free play be the order of the night for your beloved team!!!
  23. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    So, he compares fantasy football to Star Trek??? Star Trek has been in reruns for years, at least football is still putting out new seasons!
  24. Who to Keep K. Jones or Portis

    The thing that bothers me about Portis is his elbow. Hate for that thing to bother him all year, or every time he lands on it, which every comes first.
  25. I think that Lewis is your best bet here. He is going to play like he has something to prove. He also has someone else on the team that has had problems with the law who can (and probably already has started) helping him. The idea that he will get more involved in the passing game sure helps his value too. Now if Boller can do his part...