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    I don't know about your league, but I would be dreamin' or smokin' if I thought that Kevin Jones was going to the 3rd round. I'd take Deuce and be very happy because you're projections for WR should be correct.
  2. Love this PLace!

    TRue, BUt IT IS a PRetty GOod IDea...ABout THe TWin TOwers thAT IS.
  3. Is there an inside joke?

  4. This video will get you excited for some football!

    Somebody seemed to be pretty pumped-up to me!
  5. An Open Letter To T.O.

    That was a good read!

    So, no one thinks he can help?
  7. Dynasty Pick #4

    Upside down to the way you listed them. Jones is younger than the Edge and I'm just not comfortable with the injuries that McGahee has. It may not amount to much, it's just my own personal opinion.
  8. CCS

    Roy Williams.
  9. NFL Network Fantasy experts

    I just caught an example on NFL.com and I thought they were pretty cheesy. But, it is a start in the right direction. Of course it doesn't compare to the huddle!
  10. Coaches on the Hot Seat!

    Another vote for Holmgren. Haven't seen genius since he saw Green Bay in his rear view mirror.
  11. Roll Back the Lions 10 Years

    Lions, Lions, and Lions, oh my! This is going to be a great team to watch for the next few years. Roy is just sic!!! I think that you will find that this team will make the '95 team pale in comparison.
  12. Maurice Hicks: No Player Projections?

    I saw the same thing and thought like you did, however, I picked him up on waivers and am starting him this week. Just lookin' for some love on my 3rd back situation since Brown can't stay healthy.
  13. Question for Chris Brown owners

    I believe the key to his success is going to be the health of McNair (and him of course). On this I will hope but I will not be starting him this week.
  14. Does Clayton go off this week

    If Griese is good to go I think he will have a most excellent day (so does the huddle).
  15. Original huddle members

    Since around 99 or Y2K, then it went pay and I still keep coming back. Best site I have ever found!
  16. Schaub to supplant Vick???

    I heard Vick is supposed to get substantial time in the last pre-season game. Maybe he'll learn the new offense then...
  17. Olympics

    Anyone see that idiot get on the course and pulled the leader off to the side?! Fortunately other fans got to the moron to pull him off and the athlete was not apparently injured. But it sure did shake him. However, it sure knocked down the lead he had
  18. USA BB

    Five minutes left and only one up against Lithuania.
  19. WHo will will the AL west?

    Well here we are August 21 and the Rangers will not go away! They just beat KC and are on a 8 game winning streak! Half game behind Oak for the West and tied with Boston for the wild card!!!! Go Rangers!!!
  20. USA BB

    Well, it's over and the "Dream Team" has lost again. Think about this, Angola could beat them and knock USA out of gold medal contention.
  21. USA BB

    5.1 seconds, down by 3 and had to foul
  22. Olympic Curling

    Unless you're talking about 12 oz curling