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  1. USA BB

    Minute and a half left, down by 4!
  2. What a Hamm

    Sweet! I don't know anyone personally that owns an Olympic medal and you have family that does. Very cool.
  3. Mavs win title this year

    Being a homer, I hope your right. But first, they need to make the finals for the first time.
  4. Michael Bennett

    I hope this pans out. Remember, Min hasn't always been RBBC. They had some dude that retired a few years ago that did alright.
  5. Sofa League Draft

    Yes, SA is in contract year and I'm tired of QB stealing TD's close in. Deuce would be excellent if they would use him again like they did 2 years ago!
  6. Super Bowl Predictions

    Just checkin'
  7. Super Bowl Predictions

    And the winner?
  8. team usa b-ball

    There's always Greece in 2 days. This will give them a chance to stew over PR awhile.
  9. team usa b-ball

    USA BB team
  10. Dream Team??? Not anymore!

    Put a fork in them, they're done. P.R. serves them their 1st loss (I know there's 1:10 left).
  11. Dream Team??? Not anymore!

    Actually I think that the term "team" is rather foreign (no pun intended) to most of those individuals wearing the USA uni's.
  12. Dream Team??? Not anymore!

  13. team usa b-ball

    U.S. finally playing with some fire in the 4th. Only down by 10 with 6:15 to go.
  14. Additional detail on place kickers

    Wow, somebody's been busy. Good job and thanks for the info!
  15. team usa b-ball

    It is pathetic. It's like they all have forgotten how to put the ball in the hoop. Wonder what Larry's saying to them in the locker room now...
  16. AP Poll

    I have a hard time with the national champs being at #4, and until Texas can learn to be OU again, they have no business being in the top 10 IMO.
  17. Cube Man in Olympic Opening Ceremonies

    Well they did run to light the torch.
  18. team usa b-ball

    The U.S. players don't look like they have any passion or energy. I'm afraid they are going to find out that the rest of the world isn't just going to hand over the gold just becuase they showed up. They are playing horrible right now and P.R. is dustin' them. I hope the U.S. wakes up before it's too late.
  19. Teams destined to disappoint

    This will be fun to watch!
  20. Teams destined to disappoint

  21. "James' burst is back"

    They talked like that last year. I do suspect he'll be a little better, he's in a contract year.
  22. WHo will will the AL west?

    As a Rangers fan I hate it, but the A's will take it. I was really disappointed in Texas losing 3 of 4 in our house!
  23. Big Blue

    Big Blue smokin' ND. I love it! Guess the Irish not so lucky today. :P
  24. YEAAAAH!

    Agreed. What a finish. Great game. cool_thu
  25. Hook-um Horns?

    Not look so good this week. Lose to Arkansas?! embarass