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  1. Isiah Thomas Fired!

    Hey Cuban... brow
  2. Best Rivalry

    What is the absolute must see game for you? Whether it's your team vs. your worst enemy or just 2 teams that you know will play a great game?
  3. Disc Golf

    This is one of the greatest games when football is not on! If you have played very much I have a question for you, what is the best course you have ever played? jump
  4. Disc Golf

    Be prepared to be hooked!!! head_ban
  5. Disc Golf

    Yea. Made a road trip and played both courses. Searight was cool, but so are most of the courses in Austin. jump
  6. Disc Golf

    bump. Any other golfers out there?
  7. 7th Inning Stretch

    Anyone enjoy Ozzy's performance at Wriggley? He looked and sounded pathetic, but I guess that's Ozzy.
  8. 7th Inning Stretch

    My Bad! ton_of_b
  9. It's a little early, but who do you think will win it this year?
  10. This Year's National Champion

    That is why I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Notre Dame yet? brow
  11. Best Rivalry

  12. Juan is Juan

    I can only hope. But only send pitching back our way. brow
  13. Best Rivalry

    A Texas rivalry that is building, although there are certain fans that wouldn't want to admint to it, is Texas A&M and Texas Tech! Aggies can't stand it because Tech has got their number smash
  14. Juan is Juan

    He was especially better when playing the Yankees in their first playoff series applause Unfortunatley he is not consistently in the mood.
  15. I will never forget mine. I was already in the Dallas area for a one week training course and had free tickets, and I still almost didn't go. Man, am I glad that I did. I would've been :mad: at myself it I'd missed it. The game is the one where Kenny Rogers (with the Texas Rangers) threw his perfect game at The Ballpark in Arlington. take_a_b This was the most awesome sporting event I have ever witnessed! jump
  16. A-Rod "open to trade"

    If he followed the game at all, he knew what he was getting into. He followed the money, lots and lots of money. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Your playing a game making millions of dollars. If you wanted to just win, you wouldn't have gone to the Rangers before they got and kept quality pitching.
  17. Anyone ever watch Slamball?

    I agree head_ban There's no isolation or all this one-on-one stuff going on. Lots of action and speed. It'll do until football gets crankin' cool_thu
  18. Disc Golf

    That's another beautiful thing about disc golf. On average a new disc will run about $12. I personally carry 15 discs, but a lot of college and high school players play with one and have a blast! :cool:
  19. Disc Golf

    Basically speaking, it is played like ball golf except with a disc (brother to the frisbee). Same scoring and etiquette, but a 'hole lot cheaper and IMO a lot more fun. Check out the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) website www.pdga.com :cool:
  20. This Year's National Champion

    With ideas like what's been posted and yet the BCS still refuses, why? It can't be because they would lose money. Personally I think it would make them more money. Are you kidding me, talk about a hard ticket, the National Championship game! eek!
  21. Disc Golf

    The game is huge in Texas, 95 courses at last count! Favorite courses that I have played:1. Pease Park (Austin, TX) 2. Veteran's Park (Arlington, TX) 3. Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC) cool_thu
  22. This Year's National Champion

    O.K., no takers. How bout changing it to do you like the fact that the bowl committe has decided they really don't like the idea of a play-off to determine the national champion? I personally hate the current system, let it be determined on the field! head_ban
  23. Best Rivalry

    But it's just not as much fun now without HC Spurrier to root against!
  24. This Year's National Champion

    And why you think they will would be interesting. :cool:
  25. Best Rivalry

    Do you really think that Baylor could make it a very good rivalry?