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  1. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: T-Man What: Telecommunications technician, father of 4 son-20, daughter-18, daughter-15, son 16 months head_ban Still married to my first wife of 20 years When: 42 Where: Texas transplant from Michigan Why: I can quit anytime I want to... jester Bio: 12th year running local league with old friend. Redraft with 1 keeper option. Won 3 titles jump but last one in '99 frown
  2. A blast from the past

    And here's to hoping that Junior will get sized for his ring this year! applause
  3. A blast from the past

    And the 2 kickers listed are still going strong brow
  4. Best Rivalry

    I have two that I love to see every year: 1st - Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M head_ban 2nd - Army and Navy (being a veteran) applause
  5. Least Favorite Team

    The most arrogant team I have ever seen, Miami angry
  6. Pete Rose mock trial

    nor is it to be determined by lawyers angry
  7. Favorite Team

    1. Texas Longhorns 2. Michigan Wolverines 3. Clemson Tigers I know the thread is singular, but I can't make up my mind! head_ban