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  1. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 6!

    Congrats Bonehand. Gutsy call. Bengals sure gave me a scare for a good part of their game. I was going to go with the Seahawks but I just can't get past the feeling of this being a trap game for them tonight.
  2. Moss injured?

    That's just great. Last week Deuce, this week Moss!
  3. Anybody Starting Ricky?

    To answer your question, yes. But I also had to bench Freddy
  4. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 6!

    ...and T-Man's pick of the Bengals.
  5. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 6!

    Cincinnati Bengals.
  6. Ricky Williams

    The Saints sure could use him. Otherwise, it will take a couple of weeks to answer this question for sure. For now the way the coach talks it will be about 50/50. I think Ricky will make his 50 count.
  7. I just want to say thanks...

    Way to go PantherDave! Here's to many more good posts.
  8. 115 total yards of offense

    Not a bad day's work for Bledsoe, and yes I started him! Way to go 'Boys!
  9. C'mon Niners!

    Well, they just scored a field goal.
  10. Portis just got Punked.......

    I know the feeling, that's why I benched him this week
  11. OSU/PSU

    Well here goes the 2nd half. Good luck PSU fans! I'm already happy now that the Longhorns have won!

    No, I don't think you're crazy. Good call.
  13. Joe Horn Or Brandon Lloyd

    I'd go with Horn. The Pack's D couldn't stop a stopwatch at this point. This game also has all the needed ingrediants for a shootout.
  14. Tragedy of Errors

    I like Duckett better. I know what you mean about starting 2 RB's from the same backfield, however this week may not be that bad of a thing. NE is not exactly stopping the rush attack with all of their injuries. I just don't care for your other choices near as much. This is just one player's opinion.
  15. OSU/PSU

    I thought you might be glued to THEE game
  16. TEXAS vs Zero-U

    So who's worried??
  17. WDIS

    Stallworth and Driver. Neither one is playing a very good defense. Galloway could be a good pick but I rate the other two slightly higher. Bledsoe could have a real problem with looking through the hole in the roof more than holes in Philly's secondary.
  18. WDIS @ WR

    Another vote for Glenn and Lloyd.
  19. WDIS – WR

    That is a close call. Branch is on the road and Key is at home. Both are playing decent D's. I think the NE/Atl game will be a low scoring game (provided Vick plays the whole game). TO is going to burn the Dallas secondary so Dallas is going to have to throw a lot to keep up (if the O-line can keep Bledsoe upright at least sometimes). Philly is coming off an emotional road win in KC and is on the road again. For me I lean slightly, and I mean slightly to Keyshawn.
  20. TEXAS vs Zero-U

    If the 'Horns don't win this I'll but not to worry, becuase it ain't gonna happen. Go Horns!!!
  21. How are you do'n?

    1.10 and 2.2 in team team league (we pull cards for every round to determine draft position). Currently 4th in total points (2 behind 3rd, 10 behind 2nd, 97 behind 1st) 2-2 record.
  22. What is your playoff system?

    Ditto in my 10 team league.
  23. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 5!

    I'll take the Indianapolis Colts