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  1. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 4!

    Doc, Continue posting here for week 4, or is week 5 posting on it's way?
  2. Unlimited waiver wire moves

    In my league we have a 10 WW limit, at $5 each to be paid by the end of the following week. The draft slot of the player being dropped is used to determine who gets a player if multiple owners are interested. The highest draft slot being dropped is awarded the player. Works great!
  3. Orton's bye week

    Yeah, I remember my first.... on second thought, no I don't
  4. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 4!

    Doesn't look like it, but it wasn't without effort from the Motor City Kitties.
  5. Worth picking up?

    NO. I had him last year. He was great for the first half of the season then it started going downhill. The Texans haven't done anything to improve the situation. The O-line is getting beat which means Carr is getting beat and Johnson is getting mugged on almost every play.
  6. Trade Offer

    Listen to the gut.
  7. Trade offer

    I wouldn't. Brown is an accident looking for a place to happen. I think you have the better team leaving this trade alone. I also think it's a little too early to give up on Deuce.
  8. interesting trade offer?

    You already have Favre. Yes the Pack stinks as a team but Favre is putting up good numbers like MNF. So why do you want another QB? Taylor hasn't lit it up by any means, but you are really going to be hurting this week starting a RB Johnson who is on bye. I'd rather start a player that is going to play. Maybe hold off on the trade for one week if you really want young Manning.
  9. OH MY GOD

  10. Writing on the Wall?

    I just don't see Staley or the Bus staying healthy for the rest of the year.
  11. Curtis vs. Galloway

    Griese/Galloway is turning out to be quite an item. Galloway may finally be healthy and return to the days, somewhat like he had in Seattle. OK, so I'm hoping really hard since I picked him up last week, but his numbers for the last two weeks are hard to ignore.
  12. My team sucks

    Don't give up, don't ever, ever give up.
  13. Did Showalter stick it to the yanks?

    I agree whomper. It does smell fishy when you want to "rest" his players when you are in the last game of the season. That being said, and I hope the Yankees get swept out of the playoffs in the first round.
  14. U of Michigan

    Another great rivalry game. Wished I could have seen it!
  15. Favre

  16. Just Won / Just Lost

    Driver didn't do near enough for my opponent, I won by 21.
  17. WDIP Galloway, S Moss, Chamber

    Galloway seems to be healthy and Griese's WR of choice. I just picked him up this last week, and kept him on the bench!
  18. I know I can't that's why I'm
  19. Eli Manning

    Fortunately he's still available, will be going to pick him up ASAP!
  20. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 4!

    SNOOZEFEST?!?!?!?!?! Did you not see the game, or at least the end of the game? I just knew the motor city kitties had tanked my pick. Ah, but then the challenge. What, overuled! Oh happy day, I live to play another week! But the Bucs sure had me sweatin' basketballs!
  21. Anyone Lose To Rackers?

    I picked him up after week two and been everysince!
  22. MNF: What do you need to win.

    I have a 27 point lead. My oponent has Driver. Need him to have just an ordinary game, no career stuff!