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  1. I might not play FF next year

    Where do I sign?!
  2. Randy Moss

    It's almost like they are trying NOT to throw to him. Is is just Norv showing him who the boss is???

    Quick pick answer: Boldin and Lloyd.
  4. WDIS Fitzgerald or Curtis?

    I would, and I am, go with Fitzgerald. Josh has now had a full week of practice with the first team and it's not like he's a stranger to the offense. He can play - good enough against the 49'ers D especially.
  5. Lions VS Bucs

  6. Kicking a football at 7500'...

    I certainly hope so. Now if Josh can just get him close enough to kick a field goal...
  7. Check out this Football on Ebay

    ...and a picture of me with Randy!
  8. Fred Taylor

    He sure didn't look like he was today. He sure carried a load! 37 carries!!! I hope he gets stronger as the year goes on.
  9. Burress?

    Looks like he's playin' allright. But not near like Shockey!
  10. Joe Theisman

    Bam, there you go!
  11. Lions Fans Rejoice

    Worse yet, 7-9
  12. Freakin Ronnie Brown!

    That's OK. When Ricky comes in everyone will forget about Ronnie.
  13. Joe Theisman

    To answer your question - NO!
  14. My picks

    Sweet. However I sure would have liked to see the outcome of the game with Warner in there.
  15. Fred Taylor

    But considering how little work he got in camp and the pre-season I think he's just now working his way into playing shape.
  16. Flags

    And Arizona.
  17. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    From the Dr... You know the rules - make your picks here; you have until 11:59pm EST Saturday night for Sunday games and 11:59pm EST Sunday night for Monday games.
  18. Drew Bledsoe passes Joe Montana

    So now it takes 40,000 + to make the top 10. That's a whoe lotta love.
  19. My picks

    Just missed a couple of close ones. We'll see what happens on the last two. Personally I hope your wrong on your MNF pick.
  20. Drew Bledsoe passes Joe Montana

    Watch out Dan, here comes Drew! (Fouts that is)
  21. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    True. But there are still those that haven't made a pick yet. Don't they have til midnight tonight?
  22. Flags

    Philly started the game with 4 in a row.
  23. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Maybe, there's still MNF.
  24. Guarantee This!

    I bet Julian sells cars on the side