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  1. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Man, did Dallas make me sweat this week!
  2. Ticky Tack

    It didn't matter. That's why the Pats are the Champs.
  3. Cowboys secondary

    Fortunately it didn't cost them today!
  4. Randel-El

    ...and he drops an easy one
  5. Brady throws another red zone pick ...

    Now, if he would just throw one of those pics for a TD
  6. Plummer or farve

    I had to choose between Plummer and Bledsoe this week. I went with Plummer. I'm not sold on the Chiefs defense just yet. Besides I like Denver at home on Monday night after a close win against the Chargers. I'm hoping this is a shootout with the Broncs coming out on top! With Plummer having 2 TD's and over 300 yards.
  7. Kudos to Akers

  8. What's Wrong with Colbert?

    I've had him on my bench. I think it's about time to check for a waver wire warrior replacement.
  9. From the CrockPot- Week 3.....

    PantherDave, here's hopin' you are right on the Steelers pick!
  10. Who Will Win?

  11. Culpepper or Bledsoe?

    Until the Vikings show some fight I'd easily go with Bledsoe against the 49ers this week. The Eagles sure liked the match up.
  12. QB

    I'd keep leaning towards Delhomme.
  13. WDIS

  14. Greetings

    Welcome back Kotter, er... I mean Feathers.
  15. Trent Dilfer

    I think there will be a brown-out in Indy this weekend.
  16. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Staying with the NFC East - Dallas Cowboys.
  17. Desperate in Detroit...

    Put in the rook. Joey is done.
  18. Considereing the Bus'es injury and age, I think it's going to be a long season on the pine and in the trainer's room.
  19. N.D. vs. MSU

    What a game! The Irish just got a field goal in O.T. and MSU is driving.
  20. New Meadowlands Stadium

    As an outsider, this seems pretty cheesy. I personally like to see them like every other NFL team with their own backyard (baseball doens't count). This makes a Jets Giants game very weird. Both have home field advantage???