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  1. OUCH!

  2. Post #2K

    Here's hoping everyone gets what they want for their NFL and fantasy teams today, except of course - my opponent
  3. Post #2K

    By the way, when does the juice bar open?
  4. Post #2K

    Subject to change...
  5. Hasselback or PLummer

    Plummer will rock in the Mile High!
  6. 2 Quick Fantasy questions...

    Brady and Pollard for reasons already given.
  7. quarterback problem

    Go with Lefty and enjoy.
  8. Yes Brunell would suck IF he was playing Oakland on Monday night. However, he is playing against Dallas on Monday night and Oakland is playing Sunday night. That being said, I would pick Brunell. He's over his injuries from last year and he can play. I don't care for Joey against the Bears. This could be a very ugly game.
  9. Culpepper

    I hear you. I played against him last week and was sweating it. I was after the game.
  10. WDIS at WR

    Another vote for Holt and Johnson.
  11. Tatum Bell or J.J. Arrington

    On the surface I'd say Arrington. We won't know about Shanny until after the game.
  12. Which WR Should I start?

    Just another vote for Boldin.
  13. Start which two WRs?

    I understand you being a little gun-shy, but if the Carolina game is any indication this is going to be a good year. Just forget about the December thing...
  14. parker, alexander, ahman green

    I would NEVER sit Alexander (unless injured). Green Bay has looked sorry and Pit is starting to look like Denver, put a RB in there and they will run.
  15. WDIS - WR

    Tough call but I lean towards Engram.
  16. Start which two WRs?

    By the way, my choices would be Kennison and Ward.
  17. Start which two WRs?

    I'm curious as to why you are saying "sorry Saints"? They played and won a great game against the Panthers. They are getting ready to beat the G-men and be 2-0. Deuce is back and looking like he is over his injury. I also believe they are on a mission this year. I know one week doesn't make a season but they are no where near being sorry right now.
  18. L. Jordan or W. Parker?

    Parker. Right now da Raiders are deploying the Randy ratio. I personally don't mind since I have Moss, but that's another subject.
  19. Favre or Vick this week?

    Another vote for Vick. He's going to make Seattle look silly, wether it's with his feet or arm.
  20. The fellow Huddler wanted to know, bench or start. I say he's a starter in fantasy terms, not reality. Or do I have that backwards?
  21. Culpepper

    Viking nation hopes so...
  22. USC......Arkansas

    Not getting the game here, but you seem to be having a good time
  23. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    Less than 5 minutes to go. BC is hurtin'. That blocked punt didn't help!
  24. I've got a WR problem

    Another vote for Bruce. Rams are going to have to play catch up with the Cards.