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  1. HELP: Team D

    I would be real tempted to play Miami until the Jets show that they remember how to play offense.
  2. Watson or Heap

    Heap because Patriots have too many options.
  3. In a bind: Plummer vs. SD or

    I'm also starting Plummer. First game at home. SD showed they can be thrown on. I'm not skeered!
  4. Please help me choose 2 RBs

    Another vote for DD and Caddy.
  5. Another WDIS!

    Porter and Lefty.
  6. Quick Poll

    A vote for Porter in a shootout in the Black Hole.
  7. Bench Delhomme for Kurt Warner?

    That's a move I wouldn't hesitate to make. Warner has extra motivation this week and I just don't think that the Rams D is going to do all that well in the desert heat.
  8. WDIS @ D - S/T's

    I give a slight edge to the d that has been the most consistent LATELY, that being the Bills. Admittedly TB did good last week, or was it that the Viqueens were that bad...
  9. Everyones Favorite Question

    Deuce and Freddy. Hate to get away from DD but the Texans have looked like they were at the Alamo. I don't think they get healthy against Blitzburg.
  10. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    Another pick for FSU. BC is starting to dig quite a hole.
  11. Miami vs. Clemson predictions this weekend

    Miami wins in 3OT! :doah:
  12. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    Hopefully B.C. can get it together before this game gets sloppy wet. Big chance of rain.
  13. Miami vs. Clemson predictions this weekend

    I don't really see it, but I really hope it! Go Clemson!!!!
  14. N.D. vs. MSU

    MSU just ran in a T.D.!!!!!!
  15. which wr's should i start.

    Moss, Wayne, and Mason. Mason due to the change at QB for the Ravens. This is Wright's main target.
  16. What QB Should I start?

    No way would I bench Green this week. Oakland showed that they have a decent rushing D, but their secondary is lost.
  17. willie or julius

    J.J. on Monday night, at home, against the hated Skins---Oh yeah!
  18. which wr should i start

    I'd go with Moss until Vick shows he really is going to start playing QB instead of RB.
  19. wide receiver help

    Porter in what should be a blast to watch from an fantasy and NFL perspective!
  20. Another opinion, and another vote for Jones.
  21. WDIS @ QB

    Another vote for Lefty.
  22. Which WR's should I start?

    Burleson and Lelie. The Vikings and Broncos will bounce back this week.
  23. Caddy or DD?

    I'd go with the Caddy.