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  1. DST - Browns, Dolphins or 49'ers?

    Browns and Dolphins both facing TO prone QBs and pretty mild offenses. I’d probably go with MIA.
  2. Jeff Wilson or Mostert

    When healthy, mostert has a slight edge in snaps and yards and receptions. Looks like he’s fully healthy this week so I’d go Mostert.
  3. TE and RB2 help

    I concur.
  4. Qb help this week

  5. lineup help week 15

    Ryan playing like crap right now so instead of Gage I’d take my chances with Gus Edwards. Miami has a good matchup against a hapless NE offense.
  6. Pick my WR2 and TE..

    Lockett and Hurst.
  7. Swift or Hunt? Half PPR

    If Stafford plays. Swift. If not, Hunt.
  8. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Well, that season (2004) Priest had 14 TDs before the injury and Larry stepped in with 9 TDs so it was quite good.
  9. Cant decide on flex

    I’d go Drake vs a bad Phil rush defense. I’m not convince DMont has turned the corner on that bad Chicago offense. Not sure how the Detroit offense and Swift will be with Chase Daniel at QB.
  10. PPR Flex and TE question

    Moster finally healthy and averaging 5ypc. Gesicki >> Goedert.
  11. Metcalf or aj brown?

    I think Brown is the odd man out here.
  12. Which WR

    Davis has a way better matchup.
  13. K. Drake vs C. Carson - help!

    Drake and the 5th best rushing offense vs a bottom-10 Phil rush defense .