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  1. Whom To Start @ Flex Position - .5 PPR League

    Freeman looks to be starting for BAL.
  2. What to do with Bears RBs

    Why do you need to dump?
  3. Najee and Burrow for Rodgers and Adams

    You have Burrow who’s playing just as well as Rodgers so I wouldn’t target him (esp when Wilson will be back in 3 weeks). If you want Adams, target him.
  4. Tee or Robbie

    My dartboard sez ARob!
  5. Which terrible RB to start?

    Freeman with Latavius out. SEA offense is atrocious with Geno Smith.
  6. Who to start as so many on by week

    Drop CDavis, pick up DSmith and start him. Pats. Gaskin.
  7. Which QB?

    Tannenhill for me.
  8. LOL RB start sit hilarity

    Gibson and Javonte.
  9. PSA: Watson to MIA?

    they convicted rich predators like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby on statements. Testimonies are evidence.
  10. Baker Mayfield OUT, now what??

    Is OBJ even playing ?
  11. Gaskin or a waiver wire pickup

    Diontae Johnson? David Johnson? D'ernest Johnson? Unless it's Diontae, keep Gaskin.
  12. Who to pick in WW today

    Drop Davis and pick up Jeudy and Ruggs.