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  1. The British Open

    Tiger is the odds on favorite at 5/2. the new dad has adapted to links style golf very well over his career. he may wind up winning more claret jugs than green jackets. while 5/2 are ugly odds considering he has to beat like 140 or more proffessionals, i think he gets it done. mickelson next favorite with 8/1 odds. after his meltdown at the barclay yesterday, i don't like his chances to win at carnasty, no typo. the course will be brutal with fairways that look like hallways. els is next at 10/1. he showed up on the leaderboard at barclay with a great round on sunday. should give him some momentum. i don't like him to win. singh at 12/1 is some nice value. tighter than a 14 yr old cheerleaders beaver those fairways will be. he might struggle with the driver. furyk is next at 15/1. he's been playing some great golf of late and is definetly worth considering. goosen at 20/1 is a nice price for him. i haven't seen his name much atop the leaderboards this yr....pass. sergio, the best player never to win a major is at 22/1. he's due but too unpredictable with the flat stick. still could be a factor. really good prices on everybody else. adam scott, luke donald, oglivy, and stenson all at 25/1. zach johnson at 45/1 looks inviting. a few other that really spark my interest are big longshots. rory sabbatini at 60/1. niclas fasth at 75/1. thomas bjorn at 75/1 and carl pettersson at 75/1. field bet which is minus the top 49 golfers of the tourney is the same odds as tiger. 5/2. so, at 5/2 odds, you can take one man, or, about 100 men(depending on exact number of entrants), usually in the 130-150 range i think. who do you like??? why?? me, i'll probably throw my money on tiger and play those 4 longshots for a small bet. i'm skipping the field which has been a decent play this yr. lots of first time winners and such.
  2. WCOFF role call....

    i was kidding twiley and whomp, i still party like a roadie for a rockstar at least.
  3. WCOFF role call....

    hi, my name is crispirons. i recently went to rehab and will not be able to "party like a rockstar" with the rest of you. however, if you would like to go to saturday night and or sunday mass, let me know.
  4. Greatest American Rock Band

    they were at there best on woman and children and fair warning. vh2 can kick you in the nards too. diver down was the beginning of the end. david lee's head got in the way.
  5. Greatest American Rock Band

    who is the better all european band.........the scorpions or abba?? also left out of the original poll were the "city" bands boston and chicago or c.t.a. maybe we left them out for a reason.
  6. The British Open

    lol, he can't lose cause he's not in the field. however, he was the betting favorite in the tourney for the "other" golfers who didn't make the open. my story about JD. i used to work at the doll house in orlando. theres a picture of him there on the wall when you walk in with him surrounded by a couple hotties and his eyes all glazed over. classic JD. the t.v. camera's when they follow him try their darndest not to show him smoking on t.v. when you see him live, its amazing how much he lites up.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    jinks untateve on the depends on my mood.
  8. Greatest American Rock Band

    depends on my mood. i voted van halen only because i'm more of a guitar afficianado.
  9. The British Open

    i have to go return our ticket on jose. he scratched sick, lol was looking over a race program a few hours ago, i mean withdrew with a wrist injury.
  10. The British Open

    the odds i gave were from my local casino. online they seemed to be a little better for most golfers. interesting to note, online, they also had wagers for top 5 finish and other bets (best american besides tiger, matchups, top ten finish). in the top 5 bets though i noticed a hugh peculiarity. goosen who is at 40/1 to win, which is a big increase over my local odds of 20/1 is 8/1 to finish in top 5. one of the longshots i listed that i liked at 75/1, niclas fasth is 7/1 odds to finish in top 5. seems weird, numbers not adding up right there. furyk at 4/1 to finish in top 5 looks strong to me. he has been playing very well lately. seems like a very logical play.
  11. chicago huddlers

    lol robn. my cousin michelle, her husband owned Gene & Judes. he passed away i want to say 3 summers ago. a total mafioso looking guy if you ever met one. easily could have been an actor on soprano's. u know how we italians talk, lol. used to be a decent golfer too, single digit handicap. he didn't believe me when i told him i was too(i'm not anymore) and he invited me out to play while i was back visiting chicago. we played at big run (long track, heavily wooded with tree lined fairways) and i took him for a couple. i agree with others saying go to the museum of science and industry. great waste of a day and you will learn something too. sears tower is pretty cool, i would think especially for a 7th grader. chicago also has a great art museum but i doubt that would be fun for your boy. have fun. have a pizza at gino's east and write your name on the wall.
  12. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    nice job men u do. love to hear you taking some off the table. to quote jim cramer, bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered. the one thing i always noticed though, whenever i take money out of a poker account, i seem to go on a bit of a losing streak. i've always been suspicious about this. let me know if that happens to you or if it has happenend to anyone else. just curious. streaks come and go, i know. just some peculiarity maybe?? i know i'm playing the same so it does make me wonder.
  13. Any boat owners in the house?

    its said that the happiest days in a boatowners life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it. now i don't know about all that as i never owned anything other than a twelve foot jon boat that i fished off of. they are as hugh pointed out, a bit of a money pit. still, be good to her and she will give you much entertainment. enjoy yourself.
  14. The British Open

    good to see you hugh man. jose maria is at 60/1 and chad is at 100/1. you now have a five dollar bet on both, but, if you win you only get half since you aren't risking anything. good luck. price is unfortunately with the field bet, which seems strange to me. i guess there not giving the old man his props. one of the best iron strikers of our generation.
  15. Bad News For Polksalet

    while i didn't do a couch, i remember a particular instance i had gone hoggin and was not inside of her, but in a wet,oily crease of fat.
  16. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    another classic imo. better??? i don't know. i do like you're thinking of digging deeper off their repretoire. i do like his emothion alot in the chorus of seen the rain. just sounds like he's bleeding inside and needs to get it out.
  17. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    fogerty's voice at its quintessential best.
  18. Crash diet

    well wishes and prayers for the wife blitz. once i went on a month long diet of only rice. once every few days i would have a bowl of soup or something else nutritious like fish or fruit. i also would jump rope for about 45 minutes. cut over 35 lbs. off of a very overweight nearly 200 lb. lethargic fat a$$ body. i don't remember taking any supplements or vitamins and i pretty much felt like crap and was grouchy alot. i would imagine your wife would be going through the same feelings. be as nice as you can be and then some. she will appreciate it very much. good luck and god bless.
  19. Poker Hand for Discussion

    always beware of a limper who reraises preflop. almost always denotes player is holding a high pocket pr. the problem with this manuever is everyone else might limp in and postflop your big hand may become 2nd or 3rd best in a hurry. its a great setup though for aggressive players (those who hardly ever limp in but raise on most/all good hands preflop). btw spain, your boy tiago had a big win in the swaps stakes yesterday at hollywood park.
  20. Poker Hand for Discussion

    i think spain and muck made good points. i like the aggressive move preflop on a marginal hand however. i would have checked postflop on the 2nd pr and draw, just to see opponents move..... personally. it is always easier in hindsight to second guess yourself. DON'T!!! he had a monster hand that kicked your monster hand in the arse, thats all.
  21. dow 14000

    google at 550 and change. i remember jim cramer suggesting it at about 350. his new target price is 600+. verizon, another stock he has been touting is doing very well, but the real bad ass play this yr was on X (us steel). it has doubled on its price of 60 dollars a share 9 months ago and is now at the 120 range. other stocks cramer has hit on for me are underarmour (UA) and apple. if you do your homework and watch his show, there is no reason you can't make money in the market.
  22. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    sorry i didn't get back to ya earlier jeff. i am foregoing my annual 4th of july weeklong chicago pilgrimage this yr. it came down to a choice for me.........go to hawaii at the end of july or do what i always do. i chose hawaii. drink a few beers for me and everyone rip on the packers to chavez. i do believe next yr is my 25th reunion so i will definetly be there for that. any good acts playing at ribfest or taste of chicago this yr?? or just the standard "has beens"??
  23. i wouldn't have given the guy the chance to beat me at the closest to the pin. you all had agreed on how to play it. he should have had no beef. i hate people that pull that crap. totally punkass maneuver.
  24. VH1's 40 Most Soft-sational Soft Rock Songs

    how can "how much i feel" by ambrosia not be on that list? great harmonizing, great emotion, great song. also omitted was "i just want to stop" by gino vanelli. what gives?? barry manilow is still a great one, though i think "could it be magic" is a much more poignant song.
  25. I am going on a cruise...question.

    Atlantis rocks. while i was on my cruise, i just stayed there all day. saw patrick ewing playing blackjack with his old man. won like 350 bucks while there betting on everything from the ponies to craps. very nice place besides that. also, your phone probably won't be able to pick up a signal for alot of your cruise. have fun balla.