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  1. Standard scoring Mike Williams, DJ Moore, and Jamaar Chase. thanks
  2. Drop Jamaar Chase for Dyami Brown?

    No. I was just about ready to delete my last post I replied to you. I believe your right. Jamaar is the best pick. I feel like I’m painting with too wide of a brush. Thanks for your input regarding OBJ.
  3. Drop Jamaar Chase for Dyami Brown?

    Thank you for your response.
  4. Drop Jamaar Chase for Dyami Brown?

    I like to hear other people’s thinking in order to make the best calculated decision. Any decisions I make I like to bounce off other people. For what it’s worth I’m usually not right. Yes, it’s redraft.
  5. Favorite picks this year

    Yes, we are talking about Jaret Patterson. Look up his stats when he had eight touchdowns in one game as well as over 400 yards rushing. He also rushed for over 1,000 yards in only six games. He has the same build as Barry Sanders when he played. Even Barry has taken note of him for what it’s worth. This kid’s special. I’d only pick him up if Gibson gets hurt. For what it’s worth there’s always a stud running back waiting in the wings.
  6. Favorite picks this year

    Three down back. He is this year’s James Robinson.
  7. Drop Jamaar Chase for Dyami Brown?

    Over the summer Curtis Samuel was projected as receiving 100 targets. Dyami Brown is equally a hell of a wideout who is already drawing comparisons to Darnell Mooney. McLaurin will open up single coverage for Dyami. Jamaar is actually 3rd in line. Boyd is back in the slot and is really the wideout to own for the Bengals. Higgins is going to ball. Jamaar is really not a better option than Jamaar due to Samuel on IR and opportunity. Please prove me wrong.
  8. Less mouths to feed in Washington. Also, Curtis Samuel is on IR. standard scoring. my other wideouts are Ridley, DJ Moore, Jamaar, mike Williams, and Marquez Callaway.
  9. Favorite picks this year

    Jarret Patterson deep sleeper
  10. Offering a trade

    Unfortunately my stupid league doesn’t ever trade or give notification rejecting or accepting trades. Anyways, MeCole Hardman,Tyrell Williams and Marvin Jones are available. Should I drop Mike Williams for either?
  11. Offering a trade

    Thanks. I just made your offer.
  12. Offering a trade

    I could offer Jamaar Chase instead of Williams to go along with Hockenson or i could offer Mahomes and Hockenson for Lamar Jackson and Pitts or Mahomes Willians and Hockenson for Lamar Jackson Anderson and Pitts. any help is appreciated I really appreciate your insight.
  13. Offering a trade

    Hockenson is a better option in my opinion. He’s Detroit’s number one receiving option. It’s close between Pitts and Hockenson. I have Hockenson ranked 4th and Pitts ranked sixth. Both Williams and Anderson are 10td 1000yd receiving. That’s a wash. If I was on the other end I’m not sure if I’d accept it unless I really wanted Williams to go with Keenan.
  14. Offering a trade

    Non-Ppr I trade Mike Williams and Hockenson for Robby Anderson and Kyle Pitts. he already has Keenan Allen I already have Calvin Ridley and DJ Moore Am I gaining anything or is this not a good trade?