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  1. No. But I’m already dropping Deebo for Gio and Drake for Edmonds.
  2. Start 1 WR & 1 Flex

    I like Sterling Shepherd. AJ Brown looked really good against the Bucs last week.
  3. Start 1 WR & 1 Flex

    Presuming Mixon is out, Gio. He’s my other RB I’m starting. Otherwise Mixon
  4. Agreed. I think I’m going to wait. Aaron Rodgers seems to like him a lot.
  5. I currently have Jamaal Williams. I just don’t know if I should drop him for Hyde. They both only face six man boxes. I need one of them to play this week. Both have great situations.
  6. I’m planning on playing Gibson with Jamaal then. Good move or should I play one of the other running backs mentioned instead of Gibson?
  7. He’s my Santana Moss. Anyone picking him up? What’s his over/under before he does something stupid? Two games? What’s your outlook?
  8. Screw it, I’m keeping Gibson. I can’t really see where the other running backs are enough of an upgrade. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.