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  1. My other running backs are Ekeler, Mike Davis, Gibson, Mostert, and Dobbins. non-ppr
  2. Ekeler is definitely a go. Davis gets greater volume as well as the Covid reasons you mentioned above to start Davis. Dobbins seems to still be in a time share. I do like that he is getting goal line work. The only thing that concerns me if Moore and Samuel are out, will Davis be facing 8 man boxes. I’m still not sure what the best decision is.
  3. Pick my running backs Ekeler, Mike Davis, Dobbins. and Mostert choose two non ppr link
  4. Damn tv isn’t broadcasting the game

    (the really bad word). I knew it.
  5. Damn tv isn’t broadcasting the game

    No... I have Comcast, Xfinity, Apple TV, and Amazon. I tried downloading fubo, but they didn’t have the game either. Unfortunately, I don’t have Directv. Any other way to stream?
  6. How can I live stream the game?
  7. Pick 2 out of the 3: Cooks, JuJu, Landry??

    Cooks and Landry
  8. What to do about Lamar?

    Here’s the link regarding Tua’s agent suggesting Tua will start.
  9. What to do about Lamar?

    Tua’s agent hinted that Tua will start. This is not confirmed, but Fitzpatrick might not be starting.
  10. Week 13 lineup

    Sorry I didn’t see that Elliot was one of the choices. Elliot and Akers.
  11. Week 13 lineup

    Akers for sure. Edwards might not get much action with Dobbins taking over. Ahmed is out...I’d be pressed to start Akers and Singletary.
  12. Week 13 lineup

    Who is Edwards from the Giants? I know of Edwards from the Chiefs. Yes, Gaskin and Akers.