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  1. Who should my keeper be?

    Now that Julio is a Titan, would you still choose Kittle over Julio for my keeper. Btw, I pick 9th in my non ppr 12 man snake draft.
  2. Give some respect to Jarvis Landry

    When Jarvis played for Miami he would take a handoff nine yards before line of scrimmage and still churn out yards after contact.
  3. Kendrick Bourne, Tre Nixon, or Marvin Hall?
  4. So you don’t feel that we are looking at the exception to the rule such as Clinton Portis, MJD, Jamaal Lewis, Addai, or McGahee? I believe all these guys had 300+ touches behind poor O-lines Namely Portis. Except for Peyton Manning, their QB’s weren’t the best just like rapethishooker.
  5. Not sure how Pittsburgh’s O-line compares to LeVeon Bell’s rookie season, but Steelers defense will keep their offense on the field. You guys had LeVeon Bell as the 9th pick his rookie year: that was on ESPN’s fantasy football forum message boards. So, I’m curious why Najeh isn’t ranked higher?
  6. Rodgers wants out of GB

  7. Rodgers wants out of GB

    You’re right. Thank you.
  8. Rodgers wants out of GB

    You’re right. My intent wasn’t to post a false report. I will delete my post. Thanks
  9. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Bad info
  10. Who should my keeper be?

    My keeper doesn’t cost anything. Patd is 4 pts. Rutd and Retd are 6pts.
  11. I’d say Browns. Haven’t they had close to 20 QB’s since Derek Anderson went 14-3.
  12. Who should my keeper be?

    I hear ya. I just don’t know if I’d want Dobbins over Gibson. Ravens I’m sure will lead on carries once again but Dobbins could get his TD’s vultured by Lamar Jackson or Edwatds. I love Kittle as next years no.1 TE, but I don’t like the idea of picking my RBs and WRs each a round later.
  13. 12 team non ppr league. I pick 9th snake draft. should my keeper be George Kittle, Antonio Gibson, JK Dobbins, Julio Jones, Austin Eckeler, Josh Allen, Adam Thielen, or Allen Robinson
  14. Players you are targeting next year

    Who would you keep between Kittle, Antonio Gibson, JK Dobbins, Julio Jones, or Thielen? non-ppr