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  1. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    Don't know if theyre the greatest - but by far the most important, relevant and interesting band on that list is the CLASH
  2. Football Trivia

    Who is that R Carruth fellow mentioned in that box score?
  3. Football Trivia

    And me a loss - I believe it was about a five yarder or so
  4. Just got my eyes zapped with fricking lazer beams

    How bad was your vision to start?? I need glasses to find my glasses.
  5. Mets/Phils today

    I agree - nice thing is its a work bus trip and we are a New York based company located above Philly. Nice mix of Mets and Phils fans to stir things up. Plus the fact that the Mets took two yesterday gives us bragging rights on the way there.
  6. Mets/Phils today

    Couldnt be a more beautiful day for a game - if anyone else is going, see you there.
  7. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    I dont know if its technically brilliant but Ace Frehley (Kiss) - Making Love - the dude nails it
  8. Philly people

    I take it from your post youve never been to whiskey about McFaddens??
  9. Philly people

    They are playing less than 25 minutes from my house on 7-27. Guy I'm going to the Reel Big Fish show is going.
  10. Philly people

    Going to be at the electric factory and it appears my choice for some pre show beers is McFaddens - I here this on WIP and a place called Whiskey Dix. Anyone been to either or make a recommendation
  11. bad accident

    Kenneth Lay?
  12. What's in a Name?

  13. Reel Big Fish

    Then take me back to the nineties. This year I saw less than jake, streetlight manifesto, catch 22, reel big fish (7-13, 7-16), big d and the kids table. Great time at all shows.
  14. Reel Big Fish

    Got tickets to see em twice next month and have a chance to make it three. I know theyve been around foreverbut I'm just starting to get into them. Either way it should be good cause Less than Jake is with them. Any good live??
  15. Myrtle Beach Golf

    I played waterway hills - you get what you pay for - its not bad - not great. If you dont like to tip you get hit twice each way on the Gondola ride across 17 - the highway. Recs are Caldonia - True Blue - International World Tour (amazing) - less expensive courses but still good were Man O War, heritage club, The witch (has houses all over), Arrowhead. AVOID at all costs - Lockwood Folly and Cypress Bay.