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  1. $100 Auction Lg - Needs 1-2 owners

    Cowz, I sent you an e-mail.
  2. $100 Auction Lg - Needs 1-2 owners

    If Red Wolf does not want the Entourage team, I might be interested. He mentioned having interest about your league first.
  3. $100 Auction Lg - Needs 1-2 owners

    outside of yourself, are there any huddlers in the league?
  4. Need 2 Owners for Keeper League

    what players from the roster you listed are eligible to be kept?
  5. Looking for a first year dynasty league to be part of. Idp & t/e mandatory would be great. An established huddler handling the treasurer's duties is a must.
  6. cph, I have an interest in the PFL team or possibly both. I sent you an e-mail.
  7. Huddle Fight #11

    I am going to have to throw a vote to Chuck B. Nice retort from a man that was so blatantly blindsided. If his Puddy is a white accountant from the inner city, imagine the frequency and severity of ass whooping that Chuck took from Puddy as Puddy was taking out all of his pent up aggression on the young buck. It seems as if Chuck B would have to be one tough hombre. In addition, you have to respect a guy that beats the snot out of another guy for disrespecting his sister in a bar.
  8. Vick & Barber

    I have been offered Mcnabb & Boldin. I would give up Vick & Barber. I would be left with Holmes, Dunn, & T Jones as starters. Also, I would pair up Boldin with Owens instead of Stallworth or Lelie. Thanks for any help.