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  1. I’m still pouting from Diggs going crazy and costing me the title lol. But thanks for all the input on the year I appreciate it. Hope everyone has a good new year. Take care
  2. Lineup question for tonight

    You’ll be fine
  3. I’m back in this after Kamara!

    Keep Diggs under 20 and the championship is mine!
  4. I’m back in this after Kamara!

    Yea I have McKissic in so far. Just didn’t know if anyone had something profound to say. Hoping Gibson is playing limited. I like McKissic in the passing game. So maybe I just answered my own question lol
  5. Baker or Ben?

    I’d go baker
  6. Gaskin had a great second half for me! So It looks like Gibson is playing for the Football team, so do I stick with McKissic vs Car or Bell vs ATL. .5 PPR Thanks!
  7. There’s 1

    Well Jones went for 3.4 and Aiyuk went for 3.6 so that’s a wash.
  8. There’s 1

  9. There’s 1

    Good day for Evans too bad brown had to sneak a TD in there. Did stafford get hurt or did he not play? I wouldn’t have play Jones if he didn’t play
  10. There’s 1

    Ha! Can Mike Evans score 6 TDs today lol probably not
  11. Anyone Sit Kamara today? lol

    Unfortunately I’m playing against him in the championship match.
  12. I did get bell. So I’ll have to see about gaskin. If gaskin comes back I think he’s in for sure. So McKissic or bell? And then do I trust Aiyuk with beathard or go with Jones Jr?