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  1. Trade offer

  2. Another Zeke proposal -- Conner etc

    I think it's a good deal for you but Darius Slayton is too boom or bust for me in that offense. If the other team has been coming to you for Zeke and want him that bad, I would as for a different second piece than Slayton. Just my opinion.
  3. Trade Clyde Edwards Helaire?

    Wow man you are insanely stacked at RB. For a 1 for 1 I would shoot for a top 10 WR or Kelce. If you get offered a WR2 I would ask for an RB3 with upside type of player to package with them so you maintain the insane depth at the position.
  4. Trade ideas for Jackson or Carson

    Lamar doesn’t look like the player he was drafted to be and if I was his owner I would still want a huge haul for him. He’s kind of a buy high in my opinion. I don’t think either of your offers get accepted. You could try packaging Edmonds with Parker for Carson. That gives him WR help he needs and a handcuff he probably wants.
  5. Jets trying to trade Le'veon Bell

    I kind of want to try to trade for him but I can only imagine he’ll just end up in some frustrating committee situation
  6. Mixon Robinson trade

    I’ve been debating making the same move as a sell high/buy low but I hate Mixon. I think with what Robinson’s numbers have been you can get a better player in return. I’m working on some Robinson deals right now and showing the other teams rankings from this week. I’m currently not trying any RB for RB 1 for 1 deals but if that’s all you’re after I would look elsewhere or get 2 underperforming RBs for Robinson
  7. Trade Help. Thanks!!

    10 team PPR Having early discussions about trading away James Conner, James Robinson, DJ Chark for Clyde Edwards Helaire and Robert Woods. Part of me feels like I would be selling high on Robinson and unloading an injury risk with Conner but I’m also hesitant and wondering whether they will continue to be health and produce. If I did the trade my starters would be as such: Dak Derrick Henry Clyde Edwards Helaire Davante Adams Allen Robinson Robert Woods Hunter Henry Flex: David Montgomery, Justin Jefferson Have a decent bench as well. Any input is appreciated.
  8. Trade or stay put?

    Don’t think you really need Snell. Maybe package Snell with something and trade to the Conner owner in a 2 for 1. Just a thought. Any solid pickups on your waiver wire?
  9. Shopping Josh Jacobs

    Jacobs is a beast and you would be giving up the best player in any such deal. Not sure you need the depth. I would hold on to Jacobs. I also don’t really understand your motivation for the trade. Not trusting LV doesn’t explain why you would deal him.
  10. Guy offered me Monty for Green. Have Adams who probably isn’t starting this week so I was going to start Green but I could start DeSean Jackson instead. Monty would give me RB depth. Pull the trigger? I think my team is in the signature.
  11. Pull the trigger right?

    Not close to vetoable but I would rather have Mixon moving forward
  12. Chark is out tonight

    I would just need 1 of these 3
  13. Chark is out tonight

    Montana. I have Chark and unfortunately will probably be waiting until Sunday night to know if I’ll have Davante Adams. My options to replace Chark from my bench are A.J. Green and DeSean Jackson. Keelan Cole and Shenault are available. Do I run with DJax or get cute and roll out Cole or Shenault. PPR. I would probably drop Chase Edmonds to pick up one of the other Jax options (I don’t have Drake, just stashing Edmonds as a lottery ticket). Thanks Montana.
  14. Who would you start as your RB2 out of James Conner, Zack Moss and James Robinson? Thanks.
  15. Won my first championship!