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  1. Colts vs. Pats

    I'm rooting for the Pats - but this is kinda sad....
  2. Saban

    BS - I've never changed jobs under those circumstances. He committed to a huge job (Fins) where they gave him everything he wanted (money and control), and now he's leaving them high and dry bolting after just two years. Show some damn loyalty! And I hate the Dolphins.
  3. LT I hate him!

    what do you mean "total yards by a starter"? B/c didn't Jamal Lewis rush for over 2K, and Faulk had over 2400 combined yards in '99?
  4. LT I hate him!

    Two more 85-yarders like that and I might have a chance after all!
  5. LT I hate him!

    Not if BAL and IND keep winning he wont!
  6. Jags/Titans

    What a crazy box score - TEN has about 130 yards of offense, no offensive TD's, and they WIN?!?!?
  7. Chicago Homers

    Well, the game wasn't exactly "in hand" at that point, but glad they gave the rock to CB. That was a nice TD. He is GOOD!!!
  8. Oh my God

    Is there a bigger disappointment in the NFL than CAR? Can't believe I thought they would turn things around a few weeks ago - held onto Kasay and picked up the D. What a joke!
  9. Chicago Homers

    I don't understand why they're not at least splitting up the carries - especially with the game in hand? Why not keep TJ fresh and let the other backs see some action?
  10. official venting post

    I'm just flat out getting my ass kicked in my most important league - partially by Coles and MJD, both of whom I traded to my opponent (getting nothing of any value in return). And then my guys just aren't doing anything, Julius Jones & McNair - thanks for nothing! LT will not be able to bail me out tonight. OK - I'll try to confine any more of my whining today to this thread.
  11. Devin Hester

    Seeing the excitement at Soldier Field before the opening kickoff...reminded me of back in the day with Prime Time at FSU.
  12. Fred Taylor

    Oh, I don't even have Taylor. My demise is due to a sad combination of events.... started JJ started McNair (hurt and currently out) opponent is depending on MJD to have a big game
  13. Fred Taylor

    "turn out the lights.... my season's ova!!!!"
  14. Julius Jones...

    wow, thanks for the sympathy guys!!!
  15. Julius Jones...

    Am I the only one that was suckered into starting him last night - based on last week's performance and the brilliant Huddle projections for about 90 yards and success on the "fast track"?? My options weren't great, but I could have started Reggie Brown, Greg Jennings or Brandon Jacobs instead.