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  1. Santana Moss for Randy Moss?!?

    Well I have Santana Moss, as a keeper (8th RD pick) so I feel like I got a steal. With that out the way I would take the other Moss in a heartbeat. I think R.Moss is clearly the better option. I feel that way comparing 2 players. Warning: Brooks scares the crap out of me!
  2. Warner vs. Bulger

    If you have Holt, it should be clear Kep Bulger.
  3. Who's my pick?

    Thansk guys I was thinking I missed something! Glad to see I'm not smoking like Ricky. Even being unsure about Carson II'm taking Rudi.
  4. Who's my pick?

    Which of the 3 backs listed (Rudi Johnson, Westbrook or Willis MaGahee) would you choice? I already have LJ and as you see below the other top backs are already Keepers. I pick 5th and the team that picks 2nd has used that spot to secure TO, so it's like I'm picking 4th. Which back do you think is better? Or do think I should target someone else? Thanks. 1. LT (1st & 4th RD pick) 2. LJ (6th RD)............I have LJ as a Keeper note: I have Bledsoe and Santana Moss 3. SA (1st & 4th RD) 4. Tiki B. (1st RD) 5. Clinton Potis (1st RD) 6. Ronnie Brown (3rd RD) 7. Cadillac (2nd RD) 8. Fast Willie (10th RD) 9. Reuben Drougns (11th RD) 10. Thomas Jones (6th RD
  5. Eric Shelton-super sleeper?

    Then hell he should be hurt LOL
  6. Pulling Hair Out!

    Well I don't really think you need to pull out your hair. But this is coming from a guy that gets to keep LJ for a 6th RD pick. So with that said I'd just take LJ and hope for the best. 1750 YDS in 9 Starts............what happens in 16????? but after him my only other choice would be SA....then Portis then LT only because there is noe brees.
  7. 1:04

    Why would it move my other picks? We would just be trading picks not postions. My 1:04 for his 1:05 and a 2007 6th RD
  8. Eric Shelton-super sleeper?

    Something happen to him if I'm not mistaken, I think he's hurt I'm not sure and he's not on my board.
  9. I think I'd go Tiki, but is an 8 team league any fun? Anyway!
  10. Trade Advice

    Yes I'd do it
  11. New to Fantasy Football

    All these guys have given you great advise! You should thank the person that sent you to the Huddle! When I got here I didn't get love like this...and even now I still post and only 1 or 2 reply. So take the advise and consider yourself a lucky guy. You just got one up..oh and go get a magazine, Fantasy Footaball Weekly is the only one I read.
  12. Rate my team

    You slipped and fell down with Plax in the 3rd RD, then I think you did it again trying to get back on your feet with Tony G. If you don't start 3 RB I'd try and trade Fast Wille, for WR depth
  13. Which RBs should I keep?

    I would take the Escalade sitting on 24 inch rims and Ride JAX all year. Not that I don't think Brown is a good back, I just don't think the Fish will use him right.
  14. Trade Advice

    In your shoes I think I would do the trade but that's without knowing anything else about your league.
  15. 1:04

    Thanks all those backs are FA so I could pick an 3 as the guy with 1:02 used that on TO so only 1:01 and 1:03 pick ahead of me. Question would you move down one slot to pick up a draft pick next year? 6th RD. this is a keeper league.