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  1. RB and FLEX tonight

  2. RB and FLEX tonight

    Full PPR: R Penny vs LAR or M Sanders vs WFT? OBJ or V Jefferson vs SEA? Thanks!
  3. Which DST?

    have GB (vs BAL) and NE (vs IND) - NE always a no brainer but thinking of starting GB especially if Lamar is out. any thoughts?
  4. Cook vs Mattison

    this is a pivotal week in the season for me for making the playoffs as I own Mattison and my opponent Cook. I'm a bit light at RB unless Swift plays but I doubt he will. Still rolling with Mattison tonight
  5. Dalvin Cook may play tonight.

    well I know I'm still playing Mattison
  6. Updated on Status of AntonioGibson & JamesRobinson?

    have both and not starting either if they play - plus Glennon is starting QB for JAX now as well (just announced)
  7. TE Help

    Gesicki still questionable, not ruled out yet
  8. full PPR, who would you flex? Lockett vs WAS, Coutee vs IND, Mostert vs DAL, Wilson vs DAL also, would you start Gesicki over Goedert if he plays? Thanks!
  9. Herbert or Lamar Jackson?

    Plus I think Eckeler being back has tamed his fantasy value
  10. Herbert or Lamar Jackson?

    Have the same dilemma and I am starting Lamar. Too good of a matchup and there is a good chance he will have his receivers (although not practicing) from what I am seeing reported. I've rolled with Herbert the last couple of months but the last two games scared me.
  11. full PPR, QB 6 pts for TD: QB: Herbert vs LV or Lamar vs JAX (LV have some Def players out with COVID) RB (pick 3) : Jacobs, JRob, McKissic (assuming Gibson is out), J Wilson (assuming Mostert is out), David Johnson WR (pick 3): McLauren, Lockett, Evans, Coutee Thanks in advance
  12. Sit Lockett?

    I am ... unless DK is injured I'm done with Lockett for the year regardless of his rankings. BTW, planning to start Terry Mc, Coutee and Evans ahead of him
  13. Should I drop Mostert for Wilson

    bump - curious about this as well I wish there was more info on Mostert's injury as my league's waivers process tonight. I am loaded with RB mediocrity and actually want to drop Zeke but cannot in my league
  14. Patriots vs Rams (TNF)

    Rams D tonight and feeling good. Always nice having a strong Thurs night showing going in to the weekend...
  15. Gibson or Mostert?

    I'm down 30 (full PPR) and going against Big Ben (have WR & RB left for this week). Already starting McLaurin and wondering if it is a good idea to start Gibson as well? I'm figuring I need the most points possible and playing both WFT might not be the best idea now. Any thoughts?