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  1. Minschew or heinicke

    Boy were we wrong
  2. Wow ...minsh goin off....and I have Dert on bemch
  3. T Heinecke Mustache Minshew vs jets
  4. Should I pop my cherry??

    U are not wrong about Connor....I just have a feeling bout smith this week. But based on Conner vs hop...I agree Connor...we will reconnect afta the week lol
  5. My thoughts too. I replied to urs bruh...I'm not 11-1 but 9-3 and top placement so far
  6. Should I pop my cherry??

    Bruh....I'd consider D Smith over maybe DHop....Smith plays jets....Jalen will likely throw more.....
  7. I have 2 bench spots I can use to stash.. Singletary Breida Ameer Abdullah Kinda just to see how these players are used.... remember...PPR...pick 2
  8. Zeke

    Pollard has turned that offense into a committee.... They're sending him up to be the lead back one day and maybe trade off Zeke
  9. The Patriot and it's not close
  10. For some reason he pulled back on the offer I'm keeping Hurts