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  1. He has Kareem hunt.... I am up by 10.1 what say you all am I done or do I have a chance
  2. Coutie Coutee at chicago being nber 1 target for watson Higgins home vs Dal weak D
  3. Watson or Cousins?

    Watson c'mon man... I'm playing him.....let's drink from the milk of paradise together
  4. WR HELP. PICK 2 :

    Ayuk and beasty Beasley....even tho it's vs pit.....lotta throwing today watch
  5. Going for broke.... Drake at NYG The Duke at Chi Higgins home vs Dal but without burrow Keke at Chi Please please
  6. Drake home vs Rams Mike Williams home vs NE Btw....I have rams D....if u pick drake should I stream other D? Rams D been hot...
  7. Pick 1

  8. Duke, Ahmed, Harris, or Gallman??

    Ahmed..... I'm using him as well we shall reap the benefits