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  1. Henderson or Michel

    I have both and Henderson is now active but I heard Michel should get the bulk of the work. Anyone hear anything more or different on this and who would you go with? It’s a full ppr league.
  2. WDIS

    Anyone else?
  3. Another WDIS

    Anymore help?
  4. Another WDIS

    Who would you start out if the following? full ppr league pick 2; 1. Metcalf vs 49ers 2. Brandin Cooks vs Colts 3. Parker vs Giants 4. Goedert vs Jets
  5. WDIS

    Start 2 out of the following. full ppr league; pick 2; 1. Metcalf vs 49ers 2. Higgins vs Chargers 3. Devonta Smith vs Jets 4. Javonte Williams vs Chiefs
  6. Another flex question

    Who would you flex out of the following? full ppr league; Pick one 1. Tee Higgins vs Chargers 2. Devonta Smith @ Jets 3. Javonte Williams @ Chiefs
  7. Start C Patterson or M Sanders? 1 PPR

    I like Patterson here. Let’s not forget that Sanders is coming off an injury also. Yes Sanders played last week, but his injury was an IR stint. Patterson was out one week. Kind like your answer to mine, I think the floor is the same for both, but the ceiling is much higher for Patterson.
  8. Flex spot

    Kupp and Godwin
  9. Flex spot

    Who would you flex? Full ppr league 1. DK @ Was or 2. Darrell Henderson @ GB I know it’s probably a crazy question but both have been struggling the past few weeks.
  10. Stafford or Rodgers

    Who would you start? They are playing against each other in Green Bay.
  11. IF, god forbid, anything happens to

    So no has really giving you an answer yet, but I would good with one of of these two; Siemian or Heinicke
  12. Flex

  13. Flex

    Looking for a tiebreaker
  14. Which TE?

    Who would you start at TE today? full ppr league 1. Goedert vs Saints or 2. Freiermuth @ Chargers
  15. Flex

    Who’s the best to flex this week? full ppr league; Pick one; 1. Devonta Smith vs Saints 2. Tee Higgins @ Raiders or 3. Mark Ingram @ Eagles