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  1. I have the first two picks in the fourth round - the first keeper round in our league. Trust me, there will not be much talent left in the fourth as all teams walk into the season keeping four players. I believe both Bell and Jones will be on the board. Do I draft both and pray that one becomes the clear cut starter or do I shy away from the mess? Alternatively, I could take two different players. I know this is difficult to answer without really knowing who else would be around at that time. So I am looking for thoughts on the concept of taking Jones and his handcuff back to back as opposed to going keeper rookie RBs like C.Henry and then grabbing another keeper prospect RB like Brandon Jackson from Green Bay.
  2. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    I understand the Clayton is the #1 on Baltimore. It just seemed like last year there were many games where he would end up with six catches for 40 yards. Perhaps having an improved running game with McGahee will help Clayton. Thoughts on Clayton vs. Jennings vs Cotchery?
  3. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    Would Dante Stallworth bump any of these receivers off the keeper list? I did not include him earlier because I had Cotchery, Clayton, and Jennings ranked much higher. Just sanity checking my thoughts.
  4. Another "who do I keep"

    You know your league and its scoring system best. If Kitna is truly a top five QB in your league, no questions asked, I would probably keep him over TO. Otherwise, I would draft a QB and thank god for walking in the door with LT, Benson, Harrison, and Owens. I would rather have TO than Kitna, especially if top 10 QB talent will be on the board to draft.
  5. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    Quite the opposite Zooty. I welcome the discussion. It will help me sort out the decision. I would only ask that others consider the possibility of Betts as a replacement for one of the two open keeper slots that are currently slated for one of these three receivers.
  6. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    Zooty - Yes...I am referring to Mark Clayton not Mike Clayton. I should have made that clear. Asskickas - Unfortunately, I have to keep four. I cannot throw a keeper back for a draft pick, however, I see the sense in what you are saying as I do not have no-brainer choices. So far..the consenus seems to be Benson, Davis, and Cotchery. The debate is whether to keep Mark Clayton or Jennings as most Huddlers have not felt keeping Betts as I have suggested makes any sense. Other thoughts?
  7. In our league, we can keep any player drafted in the fourth round or later for a period of three years, including their draft year. The typical studs are available every year in the draft (LT, peyton, sJax, chad John, palmer). I have to start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex (wr or rb), 1 te, 1 k, 1 dst. I have one no-brainer keeper and a bunch of tweeners. Help me sort out this mess. No brainer - Ced Benson Rest of my possible keepers QB - J.Cutler (can keep him for three more years) RB - L.Betts (can keep him 2 more years) WR - D.Stallworth (2 more) WR - M.Clayton (2 more) WR - J.Cotchery (3 more) WR - G.Jennings (3 more) TE - V.Davis (2 more years) My instinct is to keep the following C.Benson V.Davis L.Betts (I see him as a big upside guy and possibly traded or starting when Portis goes down) J.Cotchery (I am in the minority..but think he is the most consistent of the other tweeners. Clayton is the other intriguing guy) Obviously...Cutler would be the other consideration. However, he probably would not start for me this year. Thoughts?
  8. WDIS

    Onterrio Smith has a great matchup this week.
  9. Need a Little Help with Keepers

    We really need to know more about your league to give good advice - how many players per position must start, points per reception, scoring system, etc. Without that knowledge, I would say keep: LT BJacobs R.Wayne D.Jax J.Shockey F.Taylor Good luck.
  10. Trade offer

    Bad deal for you moose. Your already made the right call.
  11. Cowboys super fan "Crazy Ray" passes away

    Another shout out of respect to Crazy Ray from a die hard Skins fan. I grew up watching Crazy Ray and Chief Zee go at it during the 80s. Fun memories that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.
  12. Ladell Betts...

    The Packers and Bills have RB holes to fill.
  13. 2 Players Only Can Keep One

    no brainer. DWilliams.
  14. I must keep four, and only four of these guys

    Perch - you really like Mark Clayton better than Stallworth for this coming year??