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  1. I am joining a dynasty league that is starting this year. Draft is Thursday. I have been doing redrafts for about 30 yrs and 1 keeper for a few years. Never done a dynasty league. It is 1 pt ppr, and standard scoring, with QB’s getting 4 pts for TD’s. Start: 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-Flex,1-Superflex. We will draft kickers for our rookies, and then draft the rookies after the NFL draft. So the first one to draft a Kicker will get the first pick when we draft the rookies. Any advice on drafting and on when to take a rookie would be appreciated. I am the 10th pick out of 12.
  2. Anyone Sit Kamara today? lol

    I am playing against him this week and will probably lose because of it. The thing that sucks is the only reason this guy has him is because somebody dropped him around week 10. He was able to pick him because he had a higher waiver order that week, and will probably win it all because of him.
  3. Semi finals lineup

    Tyron Johnson is available on the ww. Is he a better option at WR3 over Brown if Allen sits? If Robinson sits would Ahmed be my next best flex option?
  4. Standard scoring. No ppr. 5 pt bonus over 100 yds rushing/receiving. QB Herbert RB Ekeler RB Robinson WR Adams WR DK WR A. Brown TE Goedert Flex Mostert/ Wilson if Mostert out Flex Taylor Flex Hunt K Koo Bench possibilities CMC- looks doubtful Ahmed- looks like Gaskin is back Chark Meyers Agnew(Det.)- only reason I am considering him is players get points for return yds, and he had consistent 10-12 pts last few weeks Would you make any changes?
  5. TE help ASAP

    1st rd of playoffs. I have Goedert Vs NO in at TE. Logan Thomas vs SF is available on the ww. Which one is better for today?
  6. Flex options

    Need 1 Conner @ Buff Akers vs NE
  7. Adams Thielen Aiyuk I have Aiyuk in one of my leagues, and I am playing him. He has been more consistent than the others. It is a tough call, because they are all good WR'S and anyone of them could have a better game than whoever you play.
  8. Standard scoring. 1/2 pt ppr. 5 pt bonus at 100 rush/rec yds. QB Tannehill RB Elliot RB Ekeler WR Hill WR Lockett Flex Conner (Buffalo, Cincy, Indy) TE Goedert K Tucker Bench Akers Singletary Edwards Ballage Ahmed Patterson- pts for return yards Ty Johnson Shepard Meyers The guy with Thomas is weak at RB, and deep at WR. Thinking about offering Conner for Thomas( Phi, KC, Minn). Would my team be better with Conner or Thomas?
  9. Am I crazy ????

    Lockett, Giants defense is focused on shutting down DK.
  10. Duke Johnson....Good Grief

    If Conner us out then Snell, otherwise Perriman
  11. Standard scoring. 1/2 pt ppr need 1 RB, 1 flex Elliot @ Balt Conner vs Wash (if cleared from coved) Akers @ AZ Singletary @ SF Ahmed vs Cinci Edwards vs Dal
  12. Week 13 lineup

    Gaskin is not available Edward's from Baltimore
  13. Any Add/Drops I should make?

    Who are your starters? Is it a ppr?
  14. Week 13 lineup

    Looks like Ahmed is doubtful, so I may need another option
  15. Need 2

    Need to start 2 Hunt Taylor Booker
  16. Playoff Time/Kamara trade?

    I would keep Kamara, Brees should be back by then. What are your starting requirements?
  17. Playoff Time/Kamara trade?

    Is your 1st playoff game week 15 or 16?
  18. #1 waiver

    I would play Cousins this week
  19. GUILLOTINE LEAGUE - Waiver Help

    Ekeler for Gurley DK for Boyd for this week
  20. wk13 Waivers Running back Question

    Pick up Booker and then Akers
  21. Throwing a Game

    As long as there is no collusion, you do whatever you can to improve your chances of winning the championship
  22. Just worrying...

    Pick up Gillman. Kamara will be good when Brees returns. Murray should be good ff or the playoffs, probably just being cautious until his shoulder gets better. With your depth, you could try to do a 2 for 1 trade to improve your team.
  23. Looking to trade for CHUBB

    Monty and Gallman
  24. Week 13 Waivers

    I would go Akers over Landry because she could use more depth at RB