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  1. Greatest American Rock Band

    Roth era VH rocked hard.... In fact, Roth era Roth (Eat em and Smile) is on eof the greatest, criminally forgotten classics of rock. And Axl Rose and hairspray have nothign to do with the awesomeness of Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion's.
  2. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    i tried to, but i had to move too far away from the monitor in order to read that gigantic font.. then the blinking text dropped me into a seizure. Thank god i had my iPhone on me because it saved my life!
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    No... no way... no F'n way... KISS Alive is SUCH a fargin great rock album, one of the best of all time which in no way does it even resemble "grocery store" music. And Alive 2 is another great album, the 6 albums the live songs are taken from themselves are great. "Almost Human" may be played in a Grocery store in Hell, but never a Stop n Shop. <<Ginormous KISS fan>>
  4. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    Well, how about Buddy Holly and the Crickets? Very short-lived, highly influential career's that Bob Dylan, McCartney and Lennon all recognize as being inspirational to their careers. They wrote their own music, a unique concept in that day, amongst other thigns.
  5. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    as much as i love Queen, any other selection from the list besides the Beatles and you would just be ignoring the influence they had upon rock. I'm not a giant fan of them myself, but I can't ignore what they meant for music. Also, did anybody else hear on Stern a few weeks ago that classic rock specialist who proved, or suggested very convincingly, that Zepplin ripped off their whole first album? Hearing the songs he played from the album, and then the songs that they were ripped from, makes it a far more convincing than just reading it.
  6. Greatest American Rock Band

    How is GWAR not on this list?!? GWAR!!!! KISS should be on the list, though, regardless of how lame they have gotten on the last few farewell tours.
  7. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    Love it, i had a Treo 650 and was a fan of that as well. But it's kinda like loving your color 27" TV, and then getting a LCD Flat Screen 42". The old one works and does the same thigns, the new one is just better... WAY better. I never ever was good with those tiny little buttons on a treo, so the new keypad on this works great for me. I'm a mac user, so this synch's up to my G5 far more easier than the Treo did, no more "Missing Synch" and "Hot Synch" experiments! Plus reading web pages, not PDA versions of web pages, is great as is reading/sending email. Ipod and photo viewing is great, too. I would love to see an IM program, which i hear is coming in a few weeks, and a few other issues resoled... none of which come close to being show stoppers FOR ME... maybe for others. Ask me, it's great I say.
  8. Where did you propose?

    I considered leaving the state to propose... but i was mired down in the filth and i couldn't get out. So we just stopped at a seaside location where the breeze blowing off the water would hide the stench of CT long enough to make a beautiful moment in our lives before we were returned to the ongoing aroma of low tide that exists in all coastal CT. How's that?
  9. Let's talk about the Metal

    That is certainly the best way to describe his singing.
  10. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    out of curiosity, why weren't you there? I've bought 2 homes, sold 1, and was at every single inspection along the way (for buyers who didnt work out, for homes that i tried to buy and it didn't work out)
  11. Hartford Connecticut

    A cesspool of Human filth who's only saving grace is Al Davis' and his Raiders!
  12. Where did you propose?

    At Mystic Seaport in CT.
  13. Hartford Connecticut

    The best thing to do is, depending where in Hartford you are, is to get onto RT 84 W, and drive about 55 miles or so until you hit NY. You can decide to drive on 84 E instead, until you hit the Mass border. This state is a cesspool.
  14. Website Design Question

    zackly, and most innernet tubes are 640x480.
  15. Iphone Fans are Dumb!

    Right, to each his own. The glass wipes off easily enough, no biggee. Not gonna drop it intentionally to test, but so far numerous sites online are and it seems to be pretty durable. I could put a Nano's worth of songs on my Treo, sure, if i bought a big enough card. But why bother? It's awkward, it has a crappy player and it looks bad. But the phone is just simply not intended for you if you are just not interested in these features, but it doesn't make the phone "hype".