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  1. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Paypal sent
  2. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    I'll take 8
  3. this kid may have a future
  4. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    paypal sent.
  5. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    I'll take the Indians again
  6. you're stuck in a room

    finally got it, put it under the light under the desk and it worked. Thanks
  7. you're stuck in a room

    Is there a special way to shine the light through the cube? I've tried every light clicked a couple million times and still nothing.
  8. Friday Night Poker

    any site that has a download?
  9. SuperBowl Squares #2

    Saves automatically. Click on View grid and you can see your picks were saved.
  10. Colts vs. Pats

    Horrible no call there. Clear PI
  11. Saints vs. Bears

    Bears are hurting if they have to rely on Grossman.
  12. Payroll Software

    Do any of you know a good payroll program to buy? If so have or do you use it? It is only for a few employees .I'm finally sick of overpaying another company to do my payroll. Any insight would be appreciated.
  13. Payroll Software

    Thanks for the advice so far. I did some checking on Quickbooks Pro 2007 , do you also need to buy the Quickbooks Payroll software too? Or does this do all of that? Looks like a nice program and easy to navigate.
  14. Michigan vs USC

    my site had it at 47.5
  15. Big 10 vs SEC

    I guess that is fine and dandy if you want to play halves. Minn and Iowa both dominated their 1ST halves, I guess that makes them great. Nevermind , there is 4 qtrs in a game. Sorry I guess you are right. I'll eat my crow now.
  16. Big 10 vs SEC

    No need to do that. I thought after ND's showing against good D's they had no shot. But after the great showing by the SEC superior D's , he probably has a heisman showing coming.
  17. Big 10 vs SEC

    No lack of confidence, But after the showing of the SEC def thus far, I'd be very reluctant of ND. I had LSU as a lock to win, but after the games today I am now not so sure. Hoping the crush Quinn , but after today's game don't think they will.
  18. Big 10 vs SEC

    Does this mean Auburn should have manhandled Neb? I personally thought the SEC would have a much better showing than the Big 10. Thought it was Mich and OSU and noone else. Very happy thus far with the big 10.
  19. NFL Playoff contest

    I'm in .
  20. 4th Annual HuddleBowl

    Count me in again this year
  21. according to the LA Times

    Are you really that big of a dumb as3 ? Guess the SEC is the most dominant conference ever.
  22. UCLA vs USC

    They gonna let Mich in or give it to Fla if they win?
  23. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Edge Ocho Cinco M Drew
  24. OSU-UM

    Didn't think there would be this many points at the end, not less the half. The Bucks look unstoppable right now.
  25. MFL down?

    Can't get into either of my leagues. This is a first.