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  1. Friday Night Poker

    SOB hits a flush on the river to beat my two pair A-10. GG guys.
  2. 1 NVN league opening (HAG league)

    We still gotta figure out the draft date, we're running a bit behind. Last year's draft was on August 21st, so probably around the same time.
  3. Friday Night Poker

    I don't have time tonight to send it, but I can probably put the file on an FTP sharing site if people want to dl it this weekend.
  4. I still have one more spot available. No Viagra Necessary is 12 team redraft with $100 buy-in. You must be 30 or under before the season starts as these are Huddle Age Group leagues (HAG). The winners of all 4 HAG Super Bowls play each other in a Battle Royale at the end of the season. Once you age out of one league, you move up to the next. Here's a LINK to the rules and scoring. If you are interested, please post HERE.
  5. Vick Indicted

    500 posts.
  6. Friday Night Poker

    I have the installer file if you want it. Not sure what the best way to send it is though, since it's 286 MB.
  7. Dog Training Question

    I hear slamming the dog against the ground does wonders. ....well someone was gonna say it.
  8. Vick Indicted

    We'll see? You actually think he may not be guilty? He's going to jail. He lied and said he wasn't at the property when witnesses and construction workers saw him there while the house was being built, which was well after the dog facilities were built so he knew the dogs were there. The indictment said 8 dogs were tortured/killed. What about the ones not described in the indictment? And all the dogs that were taken by animal control that will obviously be put to sleep!? Pacman's charges pale in comparison to what Vick has done. They have him on charges usually reserved for members of organized crime. PETA and the Humane Society want his head. One of his 3 buddies is bound to flip on him and testify for a lesser sentence. Hell, congress is even coming after him! He is done.
  9. Vick Indicted

    You do know that this is the guy who apparently gave the ok on torturing and killing dogs, right? He's obviously just a very disturbed person.
  10. Vick Indicted

    He hasn't been charged with that... yet. With all this cash being passed around in paper bags, I'm sure my fellow accountants at the IRS are putting his books under a microscope.
  11. Vick Indicted

    I'm not naive, I know how the system works. Doesn't mean I can't ask why. It's obvious by Blank's statement that he isn't supporting Vick. He's probably sitting there with his executives trying to figure out what option will cost him the least amount of money from sponsors, salary cap, etc. and support from fans. Either way, the longer he and Goodell let that insane thug wear a uniform, the more respect they lose from true football fans.
  12. Vick Indicted

    And if it were a 3rd string guy, he would be cut by now. It just seems like Goodell and Blank are hiding behind the federal courts so they don't have to make a decision.
  13. Vick Indicted

    Why does the legal system get to take its course with Vick and not with Pacman and Tank?
  14. Still have 1 more spot open. We're starting to collect dues soon, so let me know.
  15. If you were Arthur Blank

    At this point, the facts don't matter. Every news channel in the country is reporting that Vick told his buddy to wire Fido up to a car battery. He's already been judged. An acquittal won't get that out of people's heads.