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  1. RIP Yankees

  2. Need Trade Advice

    Well I am definitely not an expert. But I have won 1 championship.. if that matters Anyways, I think if you trade away Dunn, that leaves you in even more trouble at RB. How many RB's do you have to start? Do you have to start a TE? There are a few trades I "might consider", but they dont involve trading away Dunn, IMO. I would either stay where you're at, or consider other trade options, instead of trading away Dunn and leaving you with 3RB's. RB's are probably the most important position in fantasy in my league, and most. Definitely not worth it to leave yourself short changed if one of your players gets injured. And besides by the looks of your RB's, I would consider starting Dunn quite a few times. LT and Marony is nice though Thats just my 2 cents.
  3. Trade a pick for Steve Smith?

    I traded a #1 overall pick for Steve Smith. Call me crazy. . I had two solid RB keepers though. I would definitely take the trade you've been offered. Just me.
  4. I agree with Addai and Bush.
  5. Steve Smith value?

    Thanks guys for the input. Big Country, Sorry , yes it is a 3 player keeper league. I can start 2 RB and 3 WR, so most likely I will be seeking a WR at #1, unless ofcourse I decide to take a solid RB for later trading for a WR, thats always possible. And you brought up a good point Big Country, I am not yet sold on anyone, and the draft is in 48 hours. Im strongly considering taking the trade. But the other worry I have is the performance of Edge James, last year he killed me, but the year prior helped me win the superbowl. It's a tough call I still have a little while to decide :p
  6. Steve Smith value?

    Im not sure yet who I would draft at #1, but definitely a WR or RB.
  7. Steve Smith value?

    Im in a 12 team standard keeper league, I have been offered WR Steve Smith for the #1 overall pick. My current keepers are RB Edge James, RB Joseph Addai, and WR Roy Williams. I could certainly use some punching power at WR, but is he really worth the #1 overall pick? Tough decision for me, just thought i'd get some input and opinions. Thanks.
  8. Tough question.

    Alright, this is a very vague question so forgive me in advance, I have the 1st overall pick in upcoming draft in a keeper league. My keepers are Edgerrine James, Joseph Addai, and Roy Williams. Who would you target as far as position goes(RB/WR/QB?), and why? Obviously I cant list all of the keepers and free agents, but just wanted to get an idea of what you all would be targetting. League is a standard QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/KR/DF. Thanks alot guys!
  9. 3 Keepers, Who?!

    Thats what i've been thinking as well. Thanks for the opinion.
  10. 3 Keepers, Who?!

    I must keep 3 players from the following 4: RB Edgerrine James RB Joseph Addai WR Roy Williams WR Hines Ward What do you guys think? It's a tough call for me. Thanks.
  11. Conflicted Comish Confirming Collusion?

    Let the trade go IMO. Coaches should have their own decision making abilities, unless its TRULY obvious that one person has received some MAJOR advantage out of a trade that makes it suspicious, then i dont see a problem with it.
  12. Must win, opinions?

    yeah that was my only 2 concerns really, i had thought about starting lj over keyshawn, i still might, qb situation has me the most stumped though. ;/
  13. Must win, opinions?

    QB Jake Delhomme vs Rex Grossman I'm leaning toward Delhomme on MNF, but he hasn't shown alot of promise for me, so im not sure. RB I gotta figure out which of 2 of these 3 to start, Edgerrine James, Joseph Addai, Reuben Droughns. So far im leaning toward James and Addai. Not alot of options here. WR/TE Must start 3 of these WR's, Hines Ward, Roy Williams, Keyshawn Johnson, Eric Moulds. LJ Smith. Pretty easy choice for me. Ward/Williams/Johnson, but you never know! What do you think? Kicker: Scobee vs Carney? I am thinking Carney this week. Defense. All i've got is the patriots. Here's what my lineup looks like: QB: Jake Delhomme RB: Edge James RB: Joseph Addai WR: Hines Ward WR: Roy Williams WR: Keyshawn Johnson KR: John Carney DF: Patriots I dont see how it can be any better than that, that's why i'd like to hear your opinions. thanks
  14. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U Dare !

    M.Morris R.Williams T. Jones
  15. USC fans

    Agreed, a playoff system would be ideal, im starting to get bored of this 'Vote for the champion' Crap. It doesn't seem fair.