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  1. Scout.com lists some SLEEPERS

  2. Bay Area League

    i would be interested
  3. Eagles Def. Report

    maybe he's gaining weight the fun way by drinking beer all night long at eating taco's at 2 am
  4. The truth

    some teams play a lot of nickel though, it's interesting to see the minute difference on 3rd n long though
  5. Marinelli wrestled a bear

    http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article.../706210395/1049 $10 to wrestle a muzzled, declawed bear. Marinelli goes back to home to get into his wrestling gear on!
  6. Best NE Patriot tattoo yet...

    my level 5 werewolf beats your level 1 ghoul
  7. Tarvaris Jackson

    Tarvaris was fresh meat and threw 2 TDs and 4 INTs, I'll add that he ran one in. So his grand totals in 2 complete games and 2 partial games was a 3-4 ratio... just below average. Yet Alex Smith throw 1 TD to 11 picks and everyone sees upside cause he was a first round pick?
  8. Viking Linebacker Update

    Nothing but good reports coming out about Greenway... no swelling, no brace. He seems to have the weak-side LB locked up so far. The Fox article is a typo
  9. Michael Vick a heavyweight in dog fighting?

    i'm just happy that Vick is thinking about his life after football, not too many of these young guys have their minds in the future
  10. Rookie notes

    If I read one more story about a rookie WR making a leaping or diving catch, i'm just gonna puke
  11. Chester Taylor

    It takes a special type of ego to say that with a straight face
  12. Jason Snelling - Dynasty Sleeper

    This Snelling guy is built like a wrecking ball. Looks like a TD vulture
  13. Strahan mansion to go on the market

    man, i feel for Strahan. he's at the end of his career too, this is a big financial hit for him. all he's worked hard for, now it's all being sold, auctioned away... just sucks for him
  14. Martz working with Stanton

    i don't like the statement, "He's changing everything"
  15. Detroit ditched the run last year. I know they got behind a lot of games and played catch up, but they passed exclusively even while in games. I would be very cautious even expecting the same #s from Kitna if Detroit can restore the balance somewhat.