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  1. Keeper Question

    Hint not everyone know what you mean when you put FWP. So if you want more responces you should at least put W.Parker...........Just a thought
  2. Favre or Leinart

    Go with the worrior MR. BF
  3. which wr?

    Yes Jesus does love me and he loves Jennings as well this week. God Bless you too
  4. Favre or Big Ben

    Benny Boy
  5. 5 RB's

    Chester, Chester, Chester he's looking like the man. Thanks everyone for yiu advice. I hope he kicks some butt. Maybe it will cheer up my buddy and help him recover faster. God Bless you all....
  6. 5 RB's

    wow chester is looking good
  7. 5 RB's

    44 total votes.....anymore? Thanks for your time
  8. 5 RB's

    Thats a very good point.......I was thinking along them lines as well, But was unsure. But now that someone else says it. It makes me feel better. Thanks
  9. 5 RB's

    26 votes and Alexander is the choice @ #1 RB. But its close with T.Jones and C.Taylor Would like to see 5-10 more votes please. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving
  10. 5 RB's

    its looking like Alexander and Taylor Thats what I was leaning on. But I was looking at J.Jones as well. But thet M.Barber drives me crazy
  11. Please help me choose 2 RB's to start

    Well Brown has already started so I guess you know your awnser. for what its worth Im a Dolphins fan and I would have benched Brown over the others this week Please see my poll
  12. WDIS

    williams Please see my poll
  13. Lundy,A-Train or Marion Barber?

    Lundy please see my poll
  14. Branch or Galloway

    Ill go out on a limb or a Branch and say AH..............Branch Please look at my poll
  15. Does a sack count as neg yrdage for pass or run?

    I said pass........I didnt say against any player