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  1. Boneless Pork Ribs...

    First, I don't like the boneless ribs... the country style ribs with bone finish better on the gill IMO. I don't par boil, and I cook on coals, not propane. I use the same technique with chicken.... get the coals good and hot, but in a pile in the middle of the grill. Place the meat around the outside... depending on the grill, sometimes putting the cover down helps speed things up. As the fire cools, I move the meat closer to being directly over the coals. The only downside to this is that I'm always pushing it... the meat has to be watched for flare ups. Once I've gotten a nice sear on the meat, I use some BBQ sauce, brushed on, and move the meat directly over the coals for about 4 or 5 minutes each side. I've found that most people tend to overcook pork, even pork sausages. A tiny bit of pink in a rib will disappear after the 5 minute rest I give my grilled meats. Pink in chicken is gross... a bit of pink in pork is fine. No blood, but just a trace of pink against the bone is what I shoot for... and it will be juicy and tender. If pork off the grill is tough... it's been over cooked. Even with pork sausages, there should be juices left in the meat. If there aren't, it's been over cooked. Marinates and BBQ sauces are fine, but pork properly grilled is derned good without anything more than salt and pepper. It should be juicy and tender. That is where the flavor is.
  2. lake george , ny

    Sure, lots of tourists... and why? Because it's a great spot. Lake Sacondaga is also not far away, and is much like Lake George but with fewer tourists. I'm sure I spelled it wrong... but lake trout, smb, lmb are abumdant in that lake too. I is very similar to Lake Goerge topographically, but the night life in Lake George durong he summer is pretty good too... some great bands I've seen there... before they made it big time. Dave Mathews for one....
  3. Fencing Company - Is this Normal?

    Had a similar thing happen with a company that I hired to do leaders, gutters and facia board. I signed the contract in early Novemeber. They told me it would be done within a month, and that was on the contract. Then we had a run of bad weather... by late January, I started to get p-o'd. I told the guy, "Look, I understand the bad weather thing, just pick up the phone and let me know, OK?" He says sure... February comes and goes... no phone call. Now, when I call him, he isn't "in the office". March is now gone... and I leave a message with the secretary... and just said to tell your boss I'm beginning the procedures to sue his hiney. Finally, he calls me back... and after arguing with me over how much I paid as a deposit, agrees to refund my money. Funny thing was, he said he still wanted to do the job... I wasn't having any part of that, and told him another company had already finished the job, since he didn't return my phone calls. Five months, and this guy can't get to my house for a one day job? Personally, I would cancel the contract and find another fencing company. If a problem arose with the fence... it might take these idiots a year to show up to fix it. By the way.... what does vinyl fencing run these days? Someone just told me $80 a section... is that about right?
  4. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    Congradulations. You have just won a nomination for the off season biggest tool award.
  5. Pellet gun vs BB gun: what's the diff

    I had a problem with the rats with furry tails too... I bought a Crossman 1008 RepeatAir pistol, CO2 powered with an 8 shot sort of clip thing. It was modeled to look like a .44. Yes, it could be lethal up to about 25 feet for the first 8 shots on a new CO2 cartridge. Then, the velocity dropped off. The little bassads had gotten into my crawl space/attic, and started to chew into the living room ceiling. Once they nest... they are there to stay unless you kill them, and kill them I did. Maybe as many as ten..... The nice thing about that pellet gun was that if I missed, I could get another 3 or 4 shots off within about 2 seconds. I put many a pellet up those rodents' behinds with a second, third or fourth shot. I'm not a hunter, and frankly didn't like it much when I killed the first one, but after that it was fun. One time, I'm sneaking around the side of my house... where the neighbors can see me from their kitchen. I'm stalkin a couple rodents that I saw in the front yard. This aint Kansas, or Texas either... it's the Long Island suburbs. I hear their mentally challenged 30 year old son start yelling "He's got a gun! He's got a gun!" This thing LOOKS like a 44 cal pistol.... guess I scared em some! Got rid if the lil buggers that way... and now have a Lurcher. Not a recignized AKC breed, but it's a greyhound/ Border collie mix that is OBSESSED with killing and eating these rodents... rabbits too. All I find in the yard is the tails...... this breed is super fast, can turn on a dime at full speed and I've seen her get a squirrel off of low lying tree limbs as far as almost 8 feet off the ground. These rodents aren't stupid.... they NEVER go in my yard anymore.
  6. Lightning....

    Pretty sure this bolt was one of these.... Positive lightning Positive lightning (also known as bolt from the blue or dry lightning)[16] makes up less than 5% of all lightning.[citation needed] It occurs when the leader forms at the positively charged cloud tops, with the consequence that a negatively charged streamer issues from the ground. The overall effect is a discharge of positive charges to the ground. Research carried out after the discovery of positive lightning in the 1970s showed that positive lightning bolts are typically six to ten times more powerful than negative bolts, last around ten times longer, and can strike tens of kilometres/miles from the clouds).[16] The voltage difference for positive lightning must be considerably higher, due to the tens of thousands of additional metres/feet the strike must travel. During a positive lightning strike, huge quantities of ELF and VLF radio waves are generated.[citation needed] As a result of their greater power, positive lightning strikes are considerably more dangerous. At the present time, aircraft are not designed to withstand such strikes, since their existence was unknown at the time standards were set, and the dangers unappreciated until the destruction of a glider in 1999.[17] Positive lightning is also now believed to have been responsible for the 1963 in-flight explosion and subsequent crash of Pan Am Flight 214, a Boeing 707. Subsequently, aircraft operating in U.S. airspace have been required to have lightning discharge wicks to reduce the chances of a similar occurrence. Positive lightning has also been shown to trigger the occurrence of upper atmosphere lightning. It tends to occur more frequently in winter storms and at the end of a thunderstorm. This happened at the end of the very wild thunderstorm. The rain had almost stopped when it hit, and was completely gone in a minute or so. The most damage was done on the ground and van, so this idea that a negative, more powerful discharge eminated from the ground first, meeting a positive bolt from the cloud in the air seems to fit. The maple tree wasn't very damaged. This sucker barely passed me... even inside the house, I felt the charge building.... something I've never experienced while indoors before. That's why I was looking out the front door when it hit. I felt this thing building. I'm guessing that his plumbing was hit too.... everything in this guy's house that has a computer chip in it got fried. The dishwasher, the microwave to go along with all the TV's and his computer and several circuit breakers got fused.... and the power company had to replace the watt meter today as well. This thing went right over my house, and blasted him. Never mind if someone was outside... I think if someone was taking a shower at the time they'd be fried too. Dodged a bullet... er.... a bolt yesterday.... shoulda bought a lottery ticket. Lady luck was with me yesterday.
  7. Lightning....

    Had a wicked storm come through last evening. I was in my front hallway, with the front door open (but not the screen door) and felt a tingling sensation. It was absolutely pouring out.... and then, just about 5 feet out of my field of vision.... across the street, a thunderbolt that was louder and brighter than any I've ever seen before explodes. I walk ove to the door, and the neighbor across the street has his mini van in the driveway. I notice the left rear tail light is on. I'm like what the frig? I go over there to tell them, and we see the metal cover for the water meter has been blown off... it's a 20 lb steel cover, like a small man hole cover. The grass is ripped up for 3 feet, leading to the driveway, and the van has dirt all over the right rear quarter panel. We walk around the van, and the driver's side side view mirror is smoking.... and melted. There is a lightning strike wound on the maple tree next to the van. Open the door.... the van is full of smoke. The entire vehicle got fried, along with every TV and computer in his house. I found bits of mirror in front of my house, about 100 feet away from the van. I though vehicles were a safe place in a thunderstorm. They aren't. I have never heard of a vehicle getting fried like that before. Has anyone else? Got a good lightning story?
  8. taters on the grill

    Gonna try this tonight... any suggestions on the seasonings? I was thinking onion and garlic powder and some dill in with the EVO toss. S&P of course... how does that sound?
  9. Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

    Never saw the first movie (or this one), but as a kid reading comic books, Silver Surfer was the MAN! The coolest super hero there ever was! Having said that, I will most likely wait until it hits cable before I watch it.....
  10. My old soldier went home today

    The loss of such a beloved mentor and friend is painful stuff, Polk, even if it was his time. All I can say is try to remember the positives, celebrate his life. That is I'm sure, what he would want.... but by all means grieve... it's part of the process and part of the cycle of life. Maybe even commit yourself to be what he was to you to be the same person for another.... there is no better way to honor a guy who sounds like he is very deserving of that kind of legacy. Live as he lived.... and pass it on.
  11. Anyone mention Eraserhead yet?
  12. Grilled Eggplant

    How thick do you recommend the slices to be? And the roasted red peppers.... freshly roasted, or after being soaked a bit in oil? Inquiring minds wanna know.
  13. I'd say Shnauzer, but not a miniature.... they can be high strung. They don't shed, are good with kids, but must be taken to a dog groomer for regularly scheduled cuts. I will differ with the experts here.... I think it's fine to have a pup with young kids, but you have to do plenty of research and know exactly what you are getting into. The kids should be supervised especailly early on with the puppy. They need to learn how to play without teasing, and understand it isn't a rag doll. They need to understand that any puppy will play bite, and that while it might not feel good, it's normal and they won't be hurt by it. It's a lot of work. Teaching the kids, training the pup, and generally being ready to go through some growing pains as a family group. Dogs can also teach kids what responabilty means... not that they should be made responsible for the dog, but to share in it's care. Be prepared to double or triple the time you expect you'll have to spend on raising a puppy. Quadruple the aggravation..... with damaged stuff from chewing and peeing, etc... but also know that having a dog in a family is one of the most rewarding ventures a family can "embark" (pun intended) upon, the rewards can be wonderful. JMHO of course, but I've owned or been a dog family with 9 dogs so far in my lifetime, and I'll never be without one.... sometimes two! I'm no expert, but I do have a lot of experience in terms of dog ownership, and I say go for it.
  14. Portis - more injury problems

    Tendonitis can be a minor problem, but at the other end of the spectrum, also career threatening. It could be as simple as a slight imbalance in muscle strength that can be corrected with some simple easy to do physical therapy, to a much larger problem. Barlow's career ended because of knee tendonitis. On the other hand, it's often nothing that will affect a player's ability to stay on the field. I have it in my left knee, and if I ride a bike, it will just blow up on me. This certainly bears watching, but as of yet not something to get overly worried about either. Portis may have simply laid off training while rehabbing the shoulder, and some physical therapy could make it a complete non-factor. In any case, it's not news that Portis owners wanted to hear, that's for sure.