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  1. NY Jets IDP Outlook

    Well, they are talking now that Coleman will play.... I'll update as I hear any more info. At first they said he dislocated and broke his thumb, then after the suregry they said it was only fractured and dislocated. If that was true, why was surgery needed? The Jets are a PITA when it comes to releasing injury info. All they will say about Martin's knee MRI is that it was negative, and he would not practice today. Hopefully, I'll get more info shortly.
  2. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    The only 3 way I'm gonna be involved in is the one where we all pee on Big Score 1's feet!
  3. Be careful, Menudo. Yer gonna have to wear my sig after week 17.... so keep it open!
  4. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    I beg to differ, as I was off by a total of 3 points as well! That is a tie! TimC, nice job. Very good of you to do this.
  5. Curtis Martin

    It would be very stupid to play Martin when he is dinged up, especially a knee. Let him take a week off, it's a long season.
  6. King Of The Mountain

    I'll save Indy.... hopefully, after Seattle takes care of buisness this week.... Seattle!
  7. New Meadowlands Stadium

    I think the shared stadium still has some major hurrdles to over come, namely, the Giants' insistance that thier practice facility and headquarters be a part of the plan. Their most recent proposal still shows the two practice fields next to the stadium. That would mean that it would still be a "Giants Stadium" and the Jets would still be second class citezens. They want the Jets to split the bill but refuse to allow the stadium to be shared..... I hold out hope for Queens still....
  8. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Hey, I was pretty close too!

    Please do not scream in the thread titles. Thank you. Resume.
  10. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Yeah, both Sowell and Askew have sprained ankles. No info on how bad either is yet, but it might be time for the run and shoot for the Jets next week. Oh, wait you need a QB who can throw rockets to do that!
  11. When do they bench Dante?

    Yep, forgot about the OC..... good point Hugh!
  12. NY Giant Homers!

    Same radio station..... the most recent update is that Strahan is ready to go. Now, whether the spasms return, is anyone's guess, but he supposedly is ready to go.
  13. Strahan Downgraded

    Yep, the pre game show on WFAN says he will start, and he should, or at least is expected to play a full game.
  14. NY Giant Homers!

    hey, wait a minute! Is this a WDIS!? On the radio pregame show, they expect GAP to be fine.
  15. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Yep, it'll be Blaylock if Martin has to lose time, but I would expect Houston to get 5 to 10 carries as a minimum if this is the case. Why they ran Martin 31 times yesterday is what I want to know. Herm is doing his best to look stupid, and he really doesn't have to try this hard.