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  1. Do I dare

    Yea I know all this however, those 2 players IMO will not hurt the Bears pass D Manning is a very capable DB to replace Vasher.
  2. Do I dare

    The consensus is swinging
  3. Do I dare

    This is exactly what I am thinking
  4. Do I dare

    Deep down I was hoping someone would tell me to go with Garrard
  5. Vick or Romo? And which two RBs?

    I agree except I'd go with McAllister over Henry
  6. Do I dare

    Bears have allowed 1TD and 10INT's in their last 4 games that is what is scaring me here. Although the Colts D is pretty good against the pass (more than likely b/c their run D is garbage).
  7. Do I dare

    Well nobody has been able to steer me away from starting Bulger so I guess I have to stick with what got me where I am
  8. Do I dare

    Anyone else have any input on this?
  9. Do I dare

    Waiver wire is locked in this league so no I am stuck with Bulger, Ferrotte, and Garrard. Man I am at a loss here. I am really concerned about Bulgers injury and the O-Line.
  10. Do I dare

    Round 1 of the playoffs this week, do I dare bench Bulger vs CHI and start Garrard vs IND?
  11. Top 10 reasons I hate Chris Chambers

    You are challenging my intellect with that sentence I wasn't reaching with Chambers being top 5, the guy was ranked by several sites anywhere from 7 to 10.
  12. 1. WEEK 7 2. WEEK 5 3. WEEK 1 4. WEEK 11 5. WEEK 10 6. WEEK 3 7. WEEK 4 8. WEEK 2 9. WEEK 9 10. WEEK 6 I can't get over the fact I considered him a top 5 WR this year! I understand the QB situation sucks however when Harrington throws the ball 50+ times in a game I expect some production!
  13. cbs screws up AGAIN

    Here is what I got from CBS right now when trying to log into one of my leagues We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Your data will not be lost. Please try again later Can't wait to move this league over to MFL next year (that will make 4 leagues I have moved from CBS)
  14. cbs screws up AGAIN

    Good Call Pirate! MFL is way too reliable and affordable! The site is way too user friendly and there are never any problems with live scoring! Their customer support is so good it is annoying!