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  1. Take this trade?

    Definitely not... not an upgrade at WR because Lamb has been on par with Cooper thus far. So, you'd essentially be giving away CMC to get CEH even though Bell just signed with Kansas City and you already have Bell???
  2. Do I bench Mixon?

  3. Do I bench Mixon?

    I am currently starting Jacobs and Davis with Montgomery as my flex. Mixon has a good matchup, but not sure if I'm willing to trust starting him again right now after these first few weeks, and also now that Cohen is out for the season for Montgomery.
  4. Someone dropped Kelley to grab someone for the Monday night game yesterday. Not sure who to drop to try to get him on waivers. With Harris coming back soon that would also put another roster spot up in question, as well. I was stashing Mattison and Edmonds, but it seems one of those two would be the ones to drop. Also, is Harris just a drop as well once he is no longer on IR? QB: Brees WR: Moore, Robinson, Green, Cooks, Ruggs RB: Jones, Chubb, Singletary, Hines, Mattison, Edmonds, Harris (IR) TE: Andrews
  5. Start gaskin or Kelley?

    Definitely Kelley
  6. Allen Robinson a good trade target?

    They just accepted my offer of TY for Robinson.
  7. Allen Robinson a good trade target?

    Yeah, that is Anthony Miller. Drafted him to stash in hopes of a breakout year. Didn't do anything week 2 though. Depending on how he does in the coming weeks I would potentially drop him anyways.
  8. Trade??

    Yeah, I'd rather have henry, lockett, allen
  9. Good buy low player to target? Are you concerned at all about Robinson requesting a trade? Robinson owner has Montgomery, as well, so they may be more inclined to trade away Robinson rather than starting both? QB: Brees WR: D.J. Moore, Hilton, Green, Cooks, Miller RB: Chubb, A. Jones, Singletary, Hines, Mattison, Edmonds TE: Andrews
  10. TY Hilton or Hines?

    Unfortunately not. I decided to play Green at WR2 this week because he looked good week 1. D.J. Moore is in at WR1 for me, as well. So only flex would be possible.
  11. TY Hilton or Hines?

    TY Hilton or Hines at flex? 0.5 PPR
  12. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    Green with 13 targets and 3 receptions
  13. QB: Brees WR: Jones, Kupp, TY, Shepard RB: Jacobs, David Johnson, Hines, Dobbins, Gibson, Michel, Coleman TE: Fant Looking at dropping an RB for Robby Anderson. Is it worth dropping Coleman for? Or do I just wait? He would just be someone that sits on my bench currently, but I just have so many RBs stashed right now.
  14. Yes, of course Taylor favors very well after Mack's injury. Taylor's ADP was based off of the assumption that he would win out the starting role from Mack regardless, sooner or later. However, Hines is on waivers in most leagues. I guess my question was to gauge how valuable of a pickup he is going forward? Solid flex play?