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  1. Hey Cassius

    Hope all is well with you out west

    what are your thoughts on Terrance West

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    2. DaFranchise777


      Sorry Jeff,


      I think Woodhead will have the same effect he did on Melvin Gordon 2 years ago, making him the #1 RB scorer on the team. And as far as Gillislee, I've already gotten some hefty offers for the guy who is going to play the role of a more athletic LeGarrette Blount. So, I think we may be pretty far apart on appraised value in these departments. 

    3. xostars


      Yea, I would take that hefty offer if I were you. Too many options for brady. B-more will run their offense around West

      No worries

      Good Luck

    4. DaFranchise777



      I think Brady had plenty of options last year when Blount led the league in TDs. And I know you had to throw-up in your mouth a little bit when you actually typed: 'B-more will run their offense around Terrance West'.


      I'm sure we'll find a crossroads with some other pieces at a later time. 

  2. Super Bowl XLI ring stolen!

  3. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    As a Vick fan I hate to say it but : Michael "I've hit more dogs than wide receivers" Vick!
  4. Bad news for Marshawn Lynch owners

    I think he's just being nice in the media to A-train so that he'll continue to give veteran input to the team.Hey was this the Dick the hyped us up on Curtis Enis?
  5. Take it to a vote,and leave it at that,in my opinion...That way it's off your mind and you can start studying to bury the complainers.....If that's not an option,I'm sure you can find another owner with ease....
  6. Porter to receive punishment?

    I think we all as men need a reminder every now and then about doing things as stupid as talking smack in the face of guys.Especially ones who hurt people for a living...I'm sure most of us huddlers have been in a fight at some point in our life,and most of us are ordinary joes...We expect these guys to beat the crap out of each other on the field,then excpect them to see each other on the street and ask "Hey,how's your mom doing?"............Think of most of the shhh talking that we as "fantasy" owners do about players,then think about how many of us would talk the same trash in front of the same player(s) with two of his friends(not a band of thugs) standing next to him...Yes,unfortunately sometimes grown men loose their temper,and sometimes we fight too.I'm not trying to justify it,but in the age of shottings,stabbings,and bombings,let's look at it for what it was...a freakin fight......If you're grown enough to talk smack,you're grown enough to get smacked-up!
  7. all-time a favorite NFL players