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  1. Hey Cassius

    Hope all is well with you out west

    what are your thoughts on Terrance West

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    2. DaFranchise777


      Sorry Jeff,


      I think Woodhead will have the same effect he did on Melvin Gordon 2 years ago, making him the #1 RB scorer on the team. And as far as Gillislee, I've already gotten some hefty offers for the guy who is going to play the role of a more athletic LeGarrette Blount. So, I think we may be pretty far apart on appraised value in these departments. 

    3. xostars


      Yea, I would take that hefty offer if I were you. Too many options for brady. B-more will run their offense around West

      No worries

      Good Luck

    4. DaFranchise777



      I think Brady had plenty of options last year when Blount led the league in TDs. And I know you had to throw-up in your mouth a little bit when you actually typed: 'B-more will run their offense around Terrance West'.


      I'm sure we'll find a crossroads with some other pieces at a later time.