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  1. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    Uh, yeah, that's why I said I doubt they ever pay him another dime. And you gives a puss if the NFLPA starts screaming? that's their job, to protect player rights. But just because they will try to protect Vck's rights, it doesn't mean they will be successful. Neither you nor I know the exact language of Vick's contract. But I'd wager a buck that it states that if Vick is found guilty of a felony (or conduct unbecoming the team), the Falcons reserve the right to go after a pro-rated portion of his upfront signing bonus.
  2. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    I doubt they'd pay him a dime....conversely, they'd go after him for a large chunk of his signing bonus, based on him not living up top the ethical portions of his contract.
  3. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    I can say for sure that monkeys will never fly out of my ass....
  4. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Love the Cowboys prediction, and the teams in front of them. As for Mr. King, I like his rankings at first glance. What I really agree with is his ramking of the 49ers at #21. Many feel SF will take a leap forward this season, and I just don't get it. They unproven at almost every offensive skill position...with question-mark WRs, an RB who will be fortunate to repeat his rookie production, and a QB who is a work in progress. Could they all excel? Only if everything goes right. But if one cog in their delicate offense fails, I think they crumble. #21 looks about right for them, which is a lot lower than most would think.
  5. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    You want a real sleeper? Try RB Tony Hunt of the Philadelphia Eagles. Many experts are high on Westbrook, based on his career-year last year and the fact that the Eagles might be finally balancing their offense, seeing how much 2nd-half success they had running the ball last year. As a homer, I love what Westbrook does, and he will no doubt be the stat-leader running the ball for the Birds. But here are some downsides: 1. With no other real alternative last year, Westbrook was leaned-on to a much greater degree than any of his prior years, especially once McNabb went down. Expect that to change this season, based on the philospohy that eventually Westbrook will breakdown if given that load for a full season. 2. Westbrook got all the goalline carries last year, again mostly because there was no real #2 option. 3. Historically with McNabb healthy, Reid has liked to throw the ball more often near the goalline (much to the fan's displeasure)...not so much with Garcia, which is why Westbrook put up some killer stats down the stretch. However, if the Mcnabb-trend resurfaces, it will no doubt hurt Westbrooks production. That being said, there are many locals that beleive Hunt will play a large role in this offense, particularly in short-yardage situations. If he can prove to be solid on short-yardage attempts during the preseason, it wouldn't shock me one bit to see him take on a Marion Barber/Brandon Jacobs role near the goalline as the season progresses. 400-500 yards, 6-8 TDs is not out of the question for Hunt...and if Westbrook does indeed return to his injury-prone ways, he could be a phenomenal value for someone that may not be drafted in many leagues.
  6. Comcast and the NFL Network

    Correct, Howbout. I was going to cancel my HBO (since most of the reason I had it was for the Sopranos), and get the Sports package so I could view the NFL Network. I called, and they informed me that for the 1st year, they could give me the Sports Upgrade/NFL Network for 99 cents. I took it...and still cancelled my HBO.
  7. Hartford Connecticut

    Head east about 45 minutes to the Foxwoods and/or Mohegan Sun casinos....phenomenal complexes. For a day trip, head south to the coast...Mystic is a beautiful seaport. Or, if you are really bored with Hartford, New York and Boston are each about 2 hours drive time. Where are you staying? Our company owns the Sheraton there, and our partners own the Marriott and Hilton.
  8. Is it worth sending LJ packing?

    Probably the same reason your league starts 3 RBs...to make it more enjoyable.
  9. priceline.com

    Priceline is awesome, especially for hotels. If you pop in a 3-4 star rating, you'll surely get a solid hotel. Look at this link: http://p070.ezboard.com/bpricelineandexpediabidding it is a service that tracks Priceline's prices in certain cities. Click on the city you'll be visiting, and you'll get a great idea of what the 3 and 4 star hotels are in the market, and the winning bids that each hotel has honored. Pretty valuable info or you to have as you are comparing priceline rates to the rate you'd get if you booked it directly with the hotel. Some amazing deals to be had.
  10. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    Let's see: 1. Aikman had Emmitt, Irvin & a tremendous defense 2. Bradshaw had Franco, Swann, Stallworth & a tremendous defense 3. Staubach had Dorsett, Johnson and the Doomsday Def. 4. Favre had Levens, Freeman and Sharpe, and a defense led by Reggie White 5. Montana had Craig, Taylor, Rice and Taylor 6. Warner had Marshall, Holt and Bruce 7. Elway had TD, Sharpe and Smith. On the other hand, Brady won two Super Bowls with Antowain Smith, Troy Brown, David Givens and David Patten. Now, please tell me again how it was Brady, and not the other QBs listed above, that won because of the team around him...it certainly appears that Brady won with the least.
  11. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    I think the NFC is wide-open this year, and any of the solid squads (NO, SF, PHL, DAL, CHI) could make a better-than-expected run, or just plain get hot at the right time (like the Steelers two years ago, when they were 7-5, and decided to win their final 8 games). Each of those teams has their own set of questions and potential weaknesses, but the Saints appear to be the one with the least. I do beleive they are more vulnerable to some losses than they were last year, as it seemed 2006 was a magical year of being the savior for a city, and performing over their heads for much of the year. In 2007, they'll surprise no one, and play a division-winner schedule to boot. 10-6 looks right, but it should be enough to get them the division. But because of the greuling schedule, they will be tested enough to win as a visitor at any of the other teams listed above in the playoffs. All the other teams have injury issues/new coaches/free agent losses/unproven impact players...the Saints lost little in comparison, and the core of what made them successful last year is in tact. They carry the risk that they won't duplicate 2006, but have far fewer question marks than the other teams. In the AFC, i tried hard to convince myself that the Pats are ready to roll, but I'm not sold at all on Maroney carrying the load for 16 games. And I wonder how mentally different this year will be for Tom Brady, with all the personal-life drama that has played out with his model girlfriends, and his pending fatherhood? And the whole Moss thing just kinda bugs me already...and the Pats beat my Eagles a few seasons ago, so for spite, I'm not picking NE. The Colts certainly have the goods on offense again this year, but may have to outscore teams this year more than last year...the holes in their run defense will be large and wide, given the free agency losses they endured. I see them reverting to more of the 2003-2005 Colts...win 12-14 regular season games by blowing teams out, then lose a tightly-played playoff game to a team that can just pound the ball. The Chargers I do like, and if Merriman can play the entire 16-game schedule, they theoretically should be even better. But I know Tomlinson can't, just can't, produce the stats he produced last year, and I'm just not sure who is going to make up the difference. Perhaps its Gates, perhaps Turner, perhaps a WR is ready to step up...but I have a feeling that with the evolution of Rivers (who I like best of all the new young guns around the league), it will be someone. With apologies to Bengals, Ravens, Broncos and Jaguar fans, its gotta be the Chargers. So I guess thats my pick San Diego vs. New Orleans. ....and I am not convinced of it at all.
  12. Best athlete - NO Number

    Samrpas best ever? It could be argued that he isn't even the best American ever, let alone best who ever played the game. Borg, Llendl, Becker & Laver were all exceptional, and at a time when tennis was its most popular (hence, greater competition). I would venture that the level of play in the late-60's-thru-early 80's was far greater than what we see today. They also were brilliant in their day with inferior equipment, as compared to the way rackets are made today. I amy be giving Federer the short end of the argument, seeing as how I beleive part of his amazing success today is due to a true lack of quality opponents. But I really beleive those who excelled in the 70's would be just as dominant, maybe moreso, as Federer is today. Federer will reitre oneday as the alltime wins leader in majors. I'm just not sure that makes him the all-time best.
  13. Week 1 Betting Lines

    Swammi likes these so far....I can't friggin wait!
  14. Best Athlete By Number

    Some Philly arguments: #1: Bernie Parent won two stanley Cups, and is widely considered one of the Top 5 golatenders of all-time. Warren Moon? #6: tough one to argue against with Bill Russell, but I can't think of the #6, and not think of Dr. J #20: While Sanders is also tough to argue against, Mike Schmidt was the best third-baseman of all-time
  15. Keep 2 of 4 WR...

    No, I didn't. I also didn't draft Alexander, Moss, Portis, Culpepper, Bledsoe, Warner, James or McGahee...some other players who carried injury/situation risk.