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  1. Who to flex 1 pt ppr

    Anyone else?
  2. Who to flex 1 pt ppr

    Even with how inconsistent he can be?
  3. Lineup help

    First year I've played standard non ppr scoring. Please help me with my lineup. Wdis
  4. Lineup help

    Would you start Landry over Julio or dionte Johnson?
  5. Pick 2 WR

    Davis and Jones
  6. WDIS - WR (Pick 1)

  7. Lineup help

  8. Lineup help

    Would starting both GB RB work? I was thinking of playing Jamaal Williams there or Landry.
  9. Should I?

    I trade singletary for Jarvis Landry.
  10. Should I?

  11. Last draft happened last night

    What do you guys think? Would you start Gallup over Henderson?
  12. i drafted barkely at number 10. im thinking i made a big mistake.
  13. was it dumb to draft barkely at 10th overral?

    im thinking i drafted him too high
  14. TE Risk and Reward

    Hunter has the slight edge but not by much. Kinda a toss up in my opinion.
  15. Hurts or fields in dynasty Superflex

  16. DJ Chark Jr. or Will Fuller - half ppr

    I like chark over Fuller
  17. Trade?

    I would stay put. Tannehill will have a great year with the addition of Julio Jones.
  18. Should I keep Diggs in a keeper league?

    Diggs all the way.
  19. first live draft happend tonight. how did i do?

    Yea I went RB heavy in this draft. I figured as it's non ppr, RB's would be worth their weight in gold. I was also thinking of playing the trade game with one or two of my lower tier backs for an upgrade at WR. I had the tenth pick in the draft and Barkley fell to me. I'm still in shock.
  20. QB-Trevor lawrence RB- Saquan Barkley, Aaron Jones, Josh Jacobs, Ronald Jones, Aj Dillion, Jamaal Williams WR- Julio Jones, Diontae Johnson, DJ Chark, DeVonta Smith TE- Mark Andrews, Logan Thomas
  21. Pats cut Cam Newton

    i cant believe this, well i can. Cam was bad!!!!
  22. first live draft happend tonight. how did i do?

    you think i could maybe flip a RB for a decent WR?
  23. Huge trade?!

    i would jump on that accept button as fast as i can
  24. Second Pick. Who you picking?

    i would take henry hands down.
  25. Drunk drafting...Rate my team please

    Nice team. Pretty balanced.