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  1. Help with division names

    semi-pro Trent Dilfer Kordell Stewart Joey Harrington Jon Kitna
  2. 29

  3. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    State Farm has been in the news in Indiana lately. We had a hailstorm come through about 1 1/2 years ago and they haven't been covering claims. There have been several neighborhoods where everyone in the neighborhood was given a new roof except for the home owners that were insured with State Farm. State Farm is currently in arbitration with several people over it. I've always had State Farm pay claims quickly in the past, but maybe they've changed lately.
  4. Corey Simon removed from PUP list

    Espn is reporting that the Colts didn't remove Simon from the PUP it was just a clerical error. link
  5. My God do I love roller coasters

    I went to Cedar Point for the first time over memorial day weekend. I've always loved roller coasters. We usually go to KIngs Island, but the coasters at Cedar Point just blew them all away. I only had to wait in line 30 minutes to ride the Top Thrill Dragster when I went. A lot of rides we got right on, so I had time to ride pretty much everything I wanted to. I can't wait to go again.
  6. Scout.com lists some SLEEPERS

    Dede Dorsey is interesting. I,ve heard the Colts have been pleased with him. I don't know that I would have him on a fantasy roster, but hopefully he proves to be a good tandem with Addai. I can't wait to see how he does this preseason.
  7. Transformers!

    I just saw it. Thought it was great. I was really looking forward to seeing it ever since I first heard it was coming out. It was better than I thought it would be. Even my wife liked it and she never watched transformers.
  8. Frisking at NFL games?

    I like it.
  9. The perfect thread

  10. That would really suck, Menudo.
  11. twenty-eight

  12. I think he and Culpepper took her out on a party boat.
  13. Moss goes to Pats

    NFL network just reported that Randy Moss passed the physical and the trade is official.
  14. Aphesis and apocope

    I do too. I just recently found out that the "t" is suppose to be silent. How did I come this far in life and not know that?
  15. Looks like the Big 10 has it figured out

    Greg Oden has looked 35 since he was about 15.