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  1. Championship Flex Help

    Pick your favorite .5 PPR Options: Bernard, TY Hilton, Shepard, Ty Montgomery, Malcom Brown My Team: QB: Herbert RBs: Carson, Mattison WRs: Thielen, AJ Brown TE: Logan Thomas Thanks to every who gave me advice this season!
  2. My options aren't good. Pollard, Malcom Brown, or Ozigbo Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Championship Flex help

    .5 PPR sorry I’ve been forgetting to include that all year.
  4. Championship Flex help

    I’m currently going with Beasley. My other options are Kupp, Gesicki, Gage, and TY Hilton. Logan Thomas is my current TE.
  5. RB2 help

    0.5 PPR can't decide between them Mostert or Pollard? Zeke is out.
  6. TE and RB2 help

    I like Gesicki. Kinda worried about the Mostert/Wilson Jr. split
  7. TE and RB2 help

    0.5 PPR RB2: CEH or Mostert? Gus Edwards is another option TE: Mike Gesicki or Logan Thomas?
  8. Opinions on Herbert?

    Allen and Williams are in so I'm going with Big Herb
  9. Opinions on Herbert?

    That is a good point. I'm worried that with Allen being limited, if he plays, that the Chargers will run it a lot.
  10. Opinions on Herbert?

    He's been my starting QB but idk if I should start him with most of his weapons out. Taysom Hill is my other option.
  11. RB2/Flex help

    It's .5 PPR sorry I forgot to mention that
  12. RB2/Flex help

    RB2: CEH vs Mia or roll the dice on DeAndre Washington vs KC? Flex: Start Corey Davis/Ty Hilton or Cole Beasley? I'd have to stack AJB/Davis because AJB is my WR2
  13. Must win can't decide

    Need Te and Flex help. .5 PPR TE: Hayden Hurst or Kyle Rudolph Flex: Kupp or CEH
  14. Drop AB for Beasley?

    Sorry forgot them. .5 PPR
  15. Drop AB for Beasley?

    Should I drop Antonio Brown for Cole Beasley since John Brown went to IR?