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  1. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Claypool, 1 rec for -2 yds. Oh and NE offense...can’t even find the milk carton
  2. ARob or Claypool? Start/sit Week 7

    I have the same decision to make. I’m starting Fuller, Mclaurin and Arob or Claypool. Leaning Claypool but will be good to see what huddle thinks
  3. Need 1 wr

    Agree with this ^^^
  4. I like Fells. I drafted Hurst late hoping he’d be special in the Atlanta offense but hasn’t happened yet. Just can’t trust Schultz yet
  5. NonPpr - Now that Henderson listed healthy I got to ask... Gio vs Cleveland or Henderson vs da Bearz
  6. Antonio Brown signs with Tampa Bay

    Definitely vice versa, I can’t quite figure out TBs fascination with AB, it’s weird seems like it goes beyond football. I was cautiously optimistic when he came to Pats last year but it took him less than two weeks to screw up.
  7. I hear ya, I never want to bench a guy like Jacobs but it’s just a bad match up amplified by damn covid so if it’s between the two I’m starting rojo.
  8. I’d go RoJo. TB def has been tough on RBs
  9. AB to Bucs

    Crazy group of WRs, I guess dropping Scotty Miller a couple weeks ago was an ok move 😂
  10. TE - Cook or Hurst

    I agree with Cook, he should see an uptick in volume. As far as Hooper if you have roster space I’d hold on
  11. Trade away Damien Harris for Hockenson?

    Especially if you’re upgrading at TE. Pats are figuring things out and IMO Harris is boom or bust in a crowded backfield
  12. Been rolling with Bree, he’s been ok but nothing spectacular, will be missing Thomas and Sanders this week. Bridgewater is available, good time to pick him up and start over brees this week?
  13. Fuller or D. Parker for McLaurin?

    On board with Fuller, I’m a mclaurin fan but tough to trust the offense right now
  14. Who to start week 6

  15. Need 2 wr to start

    I agree w Montana, Fuller and Claypool, I had a related post, for me it’s claypool over mclaurin