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  1. Week 16 Chat

    unfortunately he lost in the final by about 7 points. I'm already looking forward to next year as this particular league is going to a ppr format
  2. Week 16 Chat

    @FinishTheDrill I had a similar week...easily highest score in my league this week, despite having Mike Williams and Evans IN my starting line up. Why were they in you may ask? I was eliminated last week (by my son) and did not have any WRs who were active to replace them. Regardless of league settings once I'm eliminated I do not make anymore transactions. Speaking of my son's team, he's in the semis and was down by 23.62 going into last nights game. His opponent was done and my son had the Dallas DST who got him 24points!
  3. So what do you need on M/T NF

    you got this...hopefully!
  4. So what do you need on M/T NF

    So true... In my 1 $ league I need Chubb and Philly DST to put up 40 and Njoku to do squat
  5. Week 15 Milk Carton

    My entire line up, with the exception of Rogers at QB. We'll see how Chubb on MNF and Philly D on TuesNF perform. My opponents team performed pretty poorly too althoiugh he had Keenan who got the TD while Williams did not...that could be the difference (again depending on Chubb/Philly DST) what a week
  6. Diontae is definitely in. I start 3 wrs. I did go with Mike Williams last night, he coulda, woulda, shoulda had a decent night. But only 3 rec on 9 targets, including a drop in the endzone didn't put up many FF points.
  7. Overthinking in the playoffs

    No. trying to follow the timing of replies here relative to the actual TNF game... hopefully you didn't go with Williams?
  8. That's what I was planning...and hoping for a high scoring game!
  9. Which TE to start

    sorry didn't answer... Kittle he's been a stud
  10. Which TE to start

    I know right! I drafted jonnu in late rounds thinking I was getting a steal, that didn't work out too well
  11. Overthinking in the playoffs

    This^ getting cute often turns ugly
  12. Non PPR - Starting currently I have: 1-Evans vs NO 2-Diontae vs Tenn 3-Mike Williams vs KC I just picked up AJ Green (@ Detroit) Now knowing Nuk Hopkins is out, would you start Green over Diontae or Williams? Specifically Mike Williams, I'm leary of the KC defense.
  13. Dalvin Cook may play tonight.

    Same with my opponent. He has Mattison and Cook. I had Diontae last night an dreaded checking the match up points status around halftime. (I used to have a laptop, ipad or phone open through entire games until I realized it was ruining watching games for me). Anyway i expected to see a huge deficit but was pleased to see he left Cook and his 34+ points on the bench
  14. Demaryius Thomas

    With all these replies its evident and good to see he was a fan favorite no matter who your "home" team is and of those who appreciate the game. RIP DT
  15. Mike Williams in COVID protocal too

    You’re right, this same article is referenced in yahoo about an hour after the initial notes stating 10 days were posted. I just happened to reading up on Keenan when I saw the early Williams news. im back to hoping he plays but will have a backup plan