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  1. LT Owner up by 75 pts

    In the league I have LT in, took him # 2 after LJ, I had the best team all season. I am now up 84 pts in my big money SB and he has Peyton, Addai, and Vinateri tomorrow while I have Wayne so I am sitting pretty solid unless he throws 2 TD's to Addai and 1 or 2 more to other than Wayne. Anyway LT is ridiculous. I dominated that league in terms of overall pts as well. Having Gore didn't hurt, but in my other league with LJ and Gore I lost in round 1 last week. So LT is the man.
  2. A Letter to Larry Johnson

    Very fair. And maybe I am just a little down on him because you see LT tearing it up BIG time week in and week out, which I love since I have LT in my big money SB this week and unless Peyton throws like 5 or 6 TD's none of them to Wayne whom I have I win. But LJ over the past few weeks has been average for him. No TD's in the last 3 games. And in the last 7 games 1 multi TD game. He has been a top 5ish RB the past 7 games but not # 2. He has 96.5 pts in my league. Gore has 104.5. And SJax has 128 over the past 7. All I am saying is LJ is not the LJ stud we grew to know. And unless some things change for next season he may be heading down not up (When I say down I mean for him. Still a top RB but not a clear # 2 over SJax, Gore, or SA).
  3. A Letter to Larry Johnson

    Even there you see it. Slips on the screen and just walks back to the huddle, no fire. Drops a pass and just walks back, no fire. I know we are all discussing our playoffs now, but the bigger picture looking forward for LJ is a little questionable IMO. Their O is heading down not up, especially their line. And he doesn't have that fire anymore, at least not right now. Just something to think about keeper wise and # 2 pick wise next season.
  4. A Letter to Larry Johnson

    I don't know if it's the fact that he is fed up with the lack of blocking he has been getting all season. Or if it is the fact that their O is SO much all LJ these days that teams put 9 in the box and give him no where to run. But this just is NOT the same LJ from last seaosn. And I don't mean just numbers wise. The LJ of last year ran angry. The LJ of last year had an attitude. The LJ of last year would run 20 straight plays and never come out. He just seems to not be playing with the same fire and that is what made LJ such a beast. He must just be fed up with no blocking and being targeted on every play. That is no excuse though. He needs to get that fire back because he is clearly lacking that. Again when would LJ EVERY come out after a good run like that 27 yarder? NEVER. On a side note if Shields retires LJ might not be the stud next season that everyone thinks he will be. Their schedule will be tough. Their O will be weaker. And their OL would take another big hit. I really may keep Gore over him expecially if Shields retires.
  5. Jaws' predictions

    Oh very true and yes many sports casters say somewhat outrageous things to generate discussion so I'm sure that plays in. And if Jaws did that from time to time about a lot of teams or subjects okay. But he does it ALL the time with Philly. Hard to watch him discuss Philly in any way anymore. He does it every week with them. I just can't take it anymore. And to be honest I think at some point he starts to lose credibility as a whole.
  6. Jaws' predictions

    Not for nothing but how can anyone respect this guys opinions? They are SO biased it's ridiculous. You want to say hey Philly can make the playoffs, okay. But come on go deep as well. This guy is a joke. Basically he is solid when speaking on all other teams so take what he says on Philly and throw it out 100000% and the you should be okay respecting his opinion.
  7. Cable companies counter NFL Network offer

    Normally I am way against the cable companies but this time I truly think the NFL is being ricdiculous. They want TOP level money for a niche channel which hasn't even established itself yet (not that it won't do great). But what about in March thru July or August. If I had the channel I'd watch combined 1 hour through those 5 or 6 months. I think next season they will work out a deal somehow. The NFL comes down a little and the CC's give in a little as well.
  8. The I Sat Gore Offical Posting Site

    Not insane based on depth but I would have ranked Gore ahead of Westy and Fitz for sure, and would have put him right there with FWP, who also has a tough road game. Chad and Wayne are must starts in that scoring fest (know you have to start 2 WR's anyway). We shall see though but that is my opinion before any except Gore have played. I wouldn't have played Fitz over Gore against Den.
  9. The I Sat Gore Offical Posting Site

    1. I will be honest and say I didn't expect a big game because I thought Sea would be looking for payback and get a big lead thus limiting Gore. But even though I didn't expect great #'s, maybe a little better than his at NO #'s, I still would never bench the # 5 or 6 RB overall. So I started him in both my leagues including my big money SB. 2. Who did you bench him in favor of? That's what I'd love to hear.
  10. This may sound crazy and more for the future...

    Agree that right this second I would rank Gore 4th or 5th after LT, LJ, SJax, and maybe SA. Most likely 4th ahead of SA. So yes LJ would be ahead. All I am saying is it is not crazy to put Gore ahead of any of those guys other than LT, and while his O as a whole seems to be heading up it appears at least that LJ's is heading down. Why do you think LJ was great this season but isn't doing what he did last season or what LT is doing this season? Well his OL isn't as good, his QB isn't as good, and they have zero WR threat (he didn't have much last year either). But LT has a QB, has a TE (so does KC), has more WR threat than KC, and has a solid OL. So surrounding parts matter especially for a RB. Think SA misses Hutch? And it appears at least that next season SF's O looks better around Gore than LJ's does around him. And while I do know things change in the NFL I still will find it VERY hard to believe that going in SF's schedule won't look much easier than KC's. In the division alone they play 6 games that appear easy, and at least 5 if you say in Seattle may be tough. Zona and the Rams have had bad D's forever and that won't change next year. So yes I will end up keeping LJ in August most likely, and yes this decision isn't even close to a decision today, but right this second IMO it isn't crazy if someone says hey Gore is my # 2 keeper overall after LT.
  11. This may sound crazy and more for the future...

    Plus this as 10 games: KC - Den twice, SD twice, Oak twice, at Det, at Chic, vs GB, vs Minny SF - Zona twice, Rams twice, Sea twice, at Clev, at Pitt, vs Balt, vs Cincy To me that is minimum 6 tough games for LJ. For Gore maybe 3 tops on paper. And they should get a decent schedule in their remaining 6 games as a 6 or 7 win team.
  12. This may sound crazy and more for the future...

    They do and so do the GL carries but he is good and the team is only heading up. While LJ for example is a monster but his team and O as a whole is getting older and heading down you'd think.
  13. This may sound crazy and more for the future...

    You are right on LT I agree. Just kind of threw him in there. Anyway he is the # 1 BY FAR. But I just don't think it is crazy to at least think Gore right there with LJ and or SA into next season. But that's a LONG way off so we'll pick this up in August after we see what moves all these teams make, and what their schedules look like. Just wanted to say I don't think it is nuts to at least mention Gore with LJ and SA.
  14. Have both LJ and Gore and can only keep one. Don't have to make my decision until August but just thinking about it tonight and it is no a clear LJ call anymore. Into tonight LJ is averaging 4.5 more points a game. But in the last 5 Gore has more points. Plus add in that Gore's schedule should be VERY solid, Sea twice, Rams twice, and the Cards twice. Meanwhile LJ plays in the tough AFC West. KC's O seems to be heading down. Green is old. Gonzo is getting older. No WR's. And they may lose another 1 or 2 on the OL. Meanwhile on paper at least SF's O is heading up. Young QB. Young top TE. Okay WR's. If they can grab another solid OL watch out. Again not a call for now but certainly something to think about. And not a who should I keep between these two. More a general Gore should/could be at least discussed with LT, LJ, and SA into next season. He seems to be heading up on that team and with that O.
  15. Holt or Addai at Flex RB/WR position?

    I agree with this 100%. Willis, Addai, Holt in that order. Please see mine